Black Sabbath Ready 15 Songs

Tony Iommi has completed his guitar parts for the first Sabbath album in 33 years. Now Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler are recording their parts in Florida. Are you excited?

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Black Sabbath have revealed new details about their first album in 34 years.

They're currently holed up in Shangri La Studios in Malibu with producer Rick Rubin (or perhaps just his assistant, but we're only guessing).

Apparantly the band have written 15 songs, with 12 due for the album and the spare three to potentially appear as bonus tracks or b-sides. One track title has been confirmed as "God Is Dead", according to Metal Injection who visited the studio.

Tony Iommi already recorded his parts in England earlier this year where he is recovering from cancer.

The project has been split into five-song chunks, with Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler currently recording their parts to the first five. We assume the drums have been tracked in the time since Tony put down his parts, so if there were any hope of drummer Bill Ward singing up at the last minute, it's gone now.

It's one of the most hotly anticipated albums in living memory - but will it live up to expectations? Should the band have included Bill Ward in the lineup for an authentic reunion? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    Sheep Shagger
    "Black Sabbath have revealed new details about their first album in 33 years." ^ It should say "new details about their first album with Ozzy in 34 years." It's been a little over 34 years since Never Say Die was released, not 33. Not to mention there have been many albums since 1978, so it hasn't been 33 years since the last Black Sabbath album.
    I'm a huge Sabbath fan, but without Ward, I can't really get too excited. Who knows, the album may be great considering how he was "only the drummer" and the songs are mostly put together by the other guys. Still, Ward has such a great playing style that will surely be missed in the upcoming record.
    We're about to learn a valuable lesson from them recording a new album. This will teach us why it would be a bad idea for Led Zeppelin to reunite or make a new album.
    Agreed. These bands just need to go away already.
    They make music for themselves foremost, and then for the fans to enjoy, I don't really understand why seeing as they have fans like you.. If they want to make music who are you to tell them to stop?
    Fair enough. But, I am NOT a fan of any of those bands. I don't really have anything against them, just the fans. However, I do think a large percentage of the fanbase of bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and other hugely popular rock/metal bands are only fans because everyone else likes them, and that the media plays them out to be gods.
    Let's not fret too much on this. Sabbath is a great band and people say they can't listen or see them live without Ward. Sure, valid statement and that is a legit way to feel. But first, let's be thankful that the band has decided to do this; let's be thankful Tony is recovering well; let's be thankful it's only one original member who is causing some negativity in the band; and let's be thankful that fans still want music from a band that existed in an era where most other bands have no fan base today. In addition to that, look at other bands without the original lineup. I'm not comparing Guns N' Roses to Black Sabbath any way regarding talent and music. This is just a point I'm trying to make. Look at what Axl has done with GNR. Say what you want about the band, but the fans still love GNR because they're around and they're making music. Don't even bring up the long wait for Chinese Democracy. It isn't as long as the 34 years for a new Sabbath album. All I'm saying is if Sabbath replaces Ward for tours and even the new album, embrace it. Accept the fact they didn't back down from their promise of new material. These guys are doing fans a huge favor and most fans are giving the middle finger. Take it for what it is.
    I highly trust Iommi's riffing, but it will be just perfect if Bill returns in time for the recording.
    All in all im still excited for this album. Granted Bill Ward being involved would have made it better for me, but its new music from BLACK FUCKING SABBATH! I didn't think I'd ever see new music from them again.
    Rick Rubin? There goes any hope of a good production.
    Much as I've developed a dislike for the guy himself I think his work is average. Some people may praise it saying he's done a great job on the production and some people might condemn it saying he's overrated and done a terrible job, but so long as he doesn't pull another 'Death Magnetic' then it should be listenable to.
    Aww Rick Rubin's a good producer. His guitar tones are occasionally a little thin but the drums and vocals will sound amazing. Plus, you can't totally blame him for Death Magnetic's guitar tones... Hetfield's rhythm guitar sound hasn't been that great in the studio since the Black Album.
    I disagree, the guitar tones on Load and Reload were ****ing great. And yes, I can blame him. He tends to have SUPER loud stems.
    ehhhhh not too keen on the song title. Trying way too hard. I think that Opeth covered that territory already lol
    There are dozens of songs called "God Is Dead" or something very close. I love Opeth but Sabbath kinda trumps them as far as doing what they want in the context of heavy metal.
    right, but Sabbath also has a song "After Tomorrow" which is essentially a song praising God, so I don't know quite where the title came from.
    Geezer Butler is a Catholic and he wrote the lyrics to "After Tomorrow". Ironically, despite their name, they don't really write too many songs about a specific religion but Butler wanted to write a song about being Catholic. "God Is Dead" is a pretty ambiguous title and can be very symbolic. It could be about how religion is disappearing from modern society... which is something that's on the minds of a lot of Christians lately. Who knows though, it could be about almost anything.
    shit, an intelligent debate on UG without any fighting???? well **** me! Thanks Abacus11!
    Sheep Shagger
    The song is called 'After Forever'. Geezer used to be Catholic, but he's not religious anymore.
    god is good. everything that is good comes from him. that includes good music.
    There's a song called 'God is dead' by Carnivore. it's awesome. btw regarding the new BS album, i wish Bill Ward was playing drums in it. I mean how could Ozzy, Tony and Geezer reject this guy? can't they talk and figure it out?
    Not too excited about this without Bill Ward. They should just bury their differences and record with the 4 original members. With Bill's on-and-off health issues and Tony's treatment, this could be the last chance for the original 4 to create something together...
    Who will the drummer be ? It's got to be Mike Portnoy. Seems he has an app on his phone that locates empty drum stools for him to jump in on !
    I'm assuming it will be Ozzy's drummer? Just a guess though because he played with them at download.
    Strangely, I think that would be awesome - the app and Mike playing for Black Sabbath
    Like soma1692 said, I'm mostly excited about the riffs. Hell, if they released a "riffstrumental" version with just the guitar I wouldn't complain
    Josh Reubenking
    Can't wait to hear it, but I do wish Bill Ward was included. His drum sound really made an impact on past Sabbath records. But let's also hope Rick Rubin doesn't kill everyone's ears with the sound quality.
    If it can't be Bill Ward, then hopefully they keep up with what they're doing and record with Tommy Clufetos. That guy can seriously beat the hell outta the skins, man.
    I think this album has potential. 3/4 of the original Sabbath lineup is here, Tony and Geezer were more or less the main creative force in the early days (Geezer writing lyrics and Tony creating the riffs and so on), and it'll sound like Sabbath anyway with Ozzy chiming in. Yes, it might not have the Jazz-style approach to drums that Bill Ward has, but Heaven and Hell wrote great tunes and they were basically Black Sabbath with a different moniker. I'm sure that three original members out of four can make a great album, it might not match 'Paranoid' or 'Master of Reality', but I'd rather have new Black Sabbath than what passes for popular music these days. Even if it is naff, bad Sabbath is better than the best pop records.
    What a travesty. 2011 I saw Ozzy live on his "Scream" tour and not only did he not play a single song from "Scream" but not a single song younger than 10 years at all. The theory fans commonly spun together is that he can't memorize any lyrics he did not write this millennium. Now we'll get an album produced by Loudness Warlord Rick Rubin (the brillant cash milker who bestowed "Death Magnetic" on us) that will desperately try to pick up what pretty much ended 34 years ago. You cannot reboot Black Sabbath by doing an album the same style it was done in the 70s as the music world has moved on (Steve Harris from Maiden recently pondered how IM were the hardest in music once now rather go as "Moody Blues") neither can they do something completely new that is at eye level with 2012 but still lives the spirit of former glory. I'll keep my expectations as low as I can and if I'm lucky it'll get me a rock album with 2 or 3 notable tracks, but everyone who seriously expects to be dazzled by something nobody in rock history has thought of, a landmark in music that no one else could come up with should have a look at Rubin's discography and brace for impact.
    I saw them at Lollapalooza, Tommy Clefutos is a powerhouse. Obviously he's no Bill Ward, but he can hold his own. I'm very excited to hear his work the band, but more importantly I'm extremely excited to hear some new Iommi riffs!
    Excellent! Too bad Bill Ward can't just suck it up and put together some good tunes, but I can live with this
    How come when Black Sabbath reunites with Dio as the vocalist they can't call it Sabbath but they can call it Sabbath without Bill Ward? Bill Ward is 500x more important to BlackSabbath's sound than Ozzy is!
    As great as Ward is, Ozzy was way more vital to the sound than Ward was in the Ozzy era albums. If anything Iommi is the most important member.
    Really not sure what to expect from this album, I do trust that it will be awesome though whether it is exactly like Ozzy era Sabbath or not so much. Bill, please get back in time for the recording. It would make it perfect.
    I believe the song praising god was called " After forever" And the guy who said " these bands need to go away" they were away for years no? And any Sabbath fan I assume is glad they re releasing a new album.
    Well 13 will be good. Lets hope the myans aare wrong. Up next gary glitters new album
    I'm seriously looking forward to this. It's going to be missing something without Ward, yes, but it'll likely still be incredible.
    This album is going to be amazing with or without Ward. I'm stoked. I love Ward, but I listen to every era of Sabbath for Tony's playing, not the "other guys."
    Love Geezer. Love Tommy. But Ozzy's voice didn't sound up to par at Lollapalooza. I hope it comes out good.
    I just can't see Ozzy doing Black Sabbath again. I just can't. His last single was "Let Me Hear You Scream". Nothing like his 70's hard rock songs with Black Sabbath.
    Ozzy and Sabbath are two completely different acts with different styles
    Well it is hard to see a man go back to his roots some 35 years ago. That's all I'm trying to say.
    Go and search up Black Sabbath's "Psycho Man". It's from the Black Sabbath 90s reunion where they recorded 2 new songs. Ozzy did a great job at going to his roots back then, I'm sure he can now.
    kill it
    Ozzy will sound fine on the album. There are countless awful pop singers that sound great on recordings thanks to technology. Live will be a different story.
    No interest whatsoever without Bill and with a current Ozzy. Sabbath is one of my favorite bands (All eras) but I'm ready for disappointment with this one.
    Im a Sabbath junkie as well, but its funny how they say "Black Sabbath doesn't sound like Black Sabbath unless it's the original 4" then they do a reunion with Dio (which was badass, i saw them twice) and now they basically gave Bill the boot and got a new dude in there. I know they will deliver, but Bill is a beast and just as key as any of the other guys.
    I love how people are already declaring the album to be a failure before they've even heard anything..
    I think even though songs are not always composed with the drummer, the drummer has a HUGE part in the groove and feel of a band. I think a sound can change entirely with a different drummer. We'll see how this turns out though. Rather excited,but not too ambitious.
    I for one don't see why many of you think this album would be doomed to fail. I mean Ozzy still has his own solo stuff, which is still great. Toni and Geezer where still doing their stuff with Dio up until his death not tooooo long ago. So they're missing Bill, what if he would have been the weak link? You never know. I for one look forward to it.
    Hell, what's wrong with this year? All these classic bands releasing new albums.
    "so if there were any hope of drummer Bill Ward singing up at the last minute, it's gone now." This is just getting silly now, UG need to step up on their editing.
    I sincerely hope this album is feking awesome, I really do.....but because I have lost some respect for them after the ward fiasco this isn't the earth shattering news it once would have been, for me at least. All the very best to them though.
    Im really really happy bout this. I wish bill ward was with them but cant do anything about it. TBF if you said a band isnt the same because the drummer has been changed no one would have listend to: MCR, Nirvana, Seether just to name a few. Its still Sabbath.