Black Sabbath Reveal '13' Cover Artwork

Heavy metal giants unveil the cover of their new release, along with a new song snippet.

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Metal pioneers Black Sabbath have decided to build-up the anticipation for the June 11 release of their new album "13" even further by revealing the official cover artwork. In the latest 30-second video clip, we can see the cover burning itself into shape, with a snippet of one of the new tracks blasting in the background.

A nifty, classic Sabbath riff and signature Ozzy Osbourne vocals will most likely get the fans' blood pumping, making them realize just how long it's been since they heard Ozzy, Tony and Geezer jamming a fresh tune and how much did they actually miss them. The only lyrics we can get to hear Ozzy singing are "Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide," which just might be the new hit song title.

The album itself has been in the making since last year and is now set for an early summer release via Vertigo/Universal Records. As the first Sabbath record to feature Osbourne on vocals in 35 years and 1978's "Never Say Die," the record was produced by Rick Rubin. The produces has made it clear he is planning a big future for the new record, saying that his goal is to make an album he can "listen to forever."

"13" will also feature drummer Brad Wilk of Rage Against The Machine who got hired for the recording process after the group parted ways with the original drummer Bill Ward due to contract issues. You can check out the new cover and the unveiling video below.

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    Its decent cover art, just sad that now the title ''13'' is real..
    I like the cover and the riff, but im a bit concerned about the production, this clip sounds very much like something done by Rick Rubin. To me, thats not a good thing... But maybe its just crappy video quality and in reality the real thing sounds awesome, fingers crossed.
    Vocals aside, it sounds alot like Load/reload era of metallica.
    Thought that too, that small clip of the song sound like the beginning of '2x4' from Load..
    lol its sabbath they wrote the book on heavy blues.... load cant even hold the piss of headles cross for **** sake lol
    Rick Rubin doesn't do any mixing, he just gets artists to perform. He has other people to do the mixing aspects of albums.
    And yet, somehow...every album Rubin produces sounds over-compressed.
    Maybe he sends out to the same few mastering engineers? Thats' where the most compression ends up happening. Though some in the mixing process too.
    Most people will base this off a few of his latest ones, but when you think about it, it's really not representative. He's responsible for reign in blood, remember.
    The day Tony Iommi writes a bad riff will be the end of the world.
    agreed. I'm still surprised at how underrated The Devil You Know is. There were some heavy sludge to some of dem riffs. Among Iommi's finest.
    I'm very surprised, I was thinking of something like Born Again... (In my opinion the ugliest cover ever). But this one is beautiful! Somehow it reminds me of King Animal of Soundgarden, but that's a cool thing.
    Named their possibly Nineteenth album "13" Smart on their part
    I can just picture ozzy saying "This is album 19 called 13"
    Add 'Sharon' to the end of that, and you got yourself a quote. "This is album 19 called 13...Sharon."
    the difference between those two numbers being 6, of all numbers. thank me later xoxo
    I liked the Born Again cover....
    It's kinda funny that Born Again is brought up over and over again. A lot of people don't like it. Yet it's the cover art everyone brings up. Kind of like a back handed compliment. I for one loved it and the music from that one.
    No. Wrong. Born agains cover kicked ass. Your opinion is wrong. Good day.
    An opinion can't be right or wrong. It's an opinion. It's just someone's point of view. You have no right to tell someone that they can't think a certain way about something.
    does that riff sound a bit like "hole in the sky", or it's just me?
    Totally the first thing I thought as well. The lyrics also sound quite familiar... perhaps like a terrible Ozzy song from the Chef Aid (South Park) album.
    Pretty catchy riff, but I was expecting the mixing quality to be more in the style of their first albums. Should be great nevertheless, though.
    Suicidal Tendencies also named one of their albums 13.
    Ive seen worse. This is a decent album cover, you cant really do much out of the covertitle 13
    They could have had 13 virgins on tables around a giant pentagram with those pirate things from paranoid cutting their heads off. Just saying...
    The original title for Black Sabbath's sophomore album was supposed to be "war pigs" hence the reason why there is a PINK "soldier" on the cover, leaping out from behind a tree with a sword...(Yeah, it was a "low budget" attempt.) However, after writing "Paranoid" the record company smelled success and changed the album name to "Paranoid" because they thought it would sell more. (We all know the story behind the writing of Paranoid, so I won't mention it...) They were also screwed over again when the album "Snowblind" was re-named "Vol. 4" Infact if you looked up "bands screwed over by their record companies" 70s era Black Sabbath would be pretty close to the top of the list.... This was all taken from Ozzy's official biography, btw...
    Layered vocals?... Way to go Rubin (sarcastically), just don't clip it like Death Magnetic!
    The "13" logo looks like a "B" for Black Sabbath. (obviously) If they were aiming for that, I have no idea. The song sounds great so far. Will be buying this for sure. That is, if my local Best Buy still sells CD's anymore. Probably will end up buying the CD online. I JUST WANT IT NOW, DAMNIT!!!
    That riff is a gift of Satan Himself. Can't wait to buy this album.
    This is probably the only thing worth looking forward to in my life. Can't wait!
    I absolutely dont mind minor mistakes in articles Im reading, but when somebody makes mistake in a artists name its ****ing disrespectful (and even when its in fat font). Keep and eye on such things.
    name is awful, cover is better good but the important bit, the music, sounds excellent. the vocals and guitar sound just like they did 40 years ago. cant wait to hear more then just 30 seconds
    I don't understand why people complain about the production quality here. It sounds pretty deadly to me.
    How much auto-tune, effects and polishing do they put into the vocals these days? Or Ozzy still sounds that good?
    Sheep Shagger
    Ozzy's vocals are pretty raw sounding. There's definitely double tracking and delay in the vocals - and that's not a bad thing at all. Sabbath has always made use of vocal effects, especially on albums like Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Sabotage. If there's auto-tune in that clip, it's not noticeable.
    After seeing them live last year i can honestly say, Yes he can still sing that good although not for a long time he got so tired after a while. They have always used vocal effects though look at planet caravan and well most of the songs on paranoid.
    Yea man... Ozzy had his moments at the Lolla show. No auto tune.... when he was off... he was off. When he was on, he was awesome..
    And when he was only half way on, he was neither on nor off... OH! The grand old Black Sabbath, They have ten thousad fans! They all marched off to Donington, and then marched home again...
    Ozzy sounds fantastic until he gets tired out, which is bound to happen at his age.
    Considering how hard he lived when he was younger, I'm still surprised he has his voice and is alive and touring. I think he might outlive all of us. Which isn't a bad thing.
    I like the cover and the song. It sounds very very great! I can't wait to hear the album entirely =)
    Does anyone care for Rick Rubin anymore? The last album he did that wasn't a disappointment was a Rage Against The Machine cd. I liked the songs on the last Gogol Bordello cd but the production was really weak. The songs from that album sound great live just underwhelming on that cd. Stop ruining albums Rick Rubin. Time to retire.
    I miss the sound and production of the 70's, but I'm sure that the album will be great.
    I kind of do too. Just the nostalgia of having the same sound like they did on their early albums. But new technology calls for better audio.
    The artwork is very dark, very modern. Prepare for Black Sabbath anno 2013 to be dark and heavy! Anyone saying it doesn't compare to Paranoid or Sabbath Bloody Sabbath should go cry in a corner right now.
    From what I hear in this video, the production has a similar sound to Sabotage.
    the artworks a really good depiction of the album name and i dont think they cared as much about the album name as they did the music on the album all were gunna remember is a bunch of amazing iommi riffs and hopefully some sick ozzy vocals blasting our ears not the name of thee album
    Didn't Megadeth just come out with an album two years ago called Thirteen? C'mon Sabbath. You are the original metal band, at least think of an original name that isn't already taken...
    Black Sabbath has no rules. They don't care if another band calls their album 13 (or however Dave Mustaine f**ked up his version of the number). If Black Sabbath wants to call their album "13", Black Sabbath is gonna call their album "13". Nuff said.
    yeah, and maybe Sabbath doesn't give a shit about what you think of the album name. They can do what ever the **** they want. Black Sabbath rules over all.
    Why did you reply to my comment? I said nothing but good thing's about Black Sabbath. Have been a fan since 1993. I was almost 5 years old. And you basically repeated what I said. I said Sabbath can do whatever they want 'cause they don't care if "13" is overused. 'Nuff said. It works for them because c'mon, they're black sabbath.
    Liked the riff.. production sounds like 80's metal, in a bad way. I didn't like Ozzy's "Nowhere to run" lyrics, however, the "Nowhere to hide" didn't sound bad.. they shoulda made/mixed this where Soilwork just produced their new album..
    Way Cool JR.
    The production sounds way more like mid-late '90s metal to me. I wish it did sound more '70s or '80s. But it won't stop me from buying it. I'm sure the album will be great, I don't doubt that at all. To be honest this clip is so small that it seriously can not be judged properly yet.