Black Sabbath Stream New Single 'God is Dead?'

Hear the epic nine-minute song from their new album "13" right here. Does it live up to all the hype?

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Black Sabbath have released the song from their long-awaited new album "13."

"God Is Dead?" will be released as a digital download today. You can hear the full 9-minute metal epic in the player below.

It's the first time Ozzy Osbourne has fronted a new Sabbath song since 1978. He's joined by founding guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler. Original drummer Bill Ward was initially confirmed for the current reunion, but a dispute over payment emerged and he was eventually replaced by Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk.

The full album is due on June 11, but if you can't wait until then for new material, the band will preview another song on May 15 when it appears on the season finale of "CSI", according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

Hear the new single "God is Dead?" by Black Sabbath here:

What's your impression of the first Black Sabbath song to be revealed from their new album "13"? Does it live up to your expectations?

Let us know what you think of the song below, and we'll round up the best reviews and comments for a special post on Monday.

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    SABBATH! :')
    Far out I miss Dio now.
    It's a sad, sad day when Dio gets downvotes.
    Well, Dio is an absolute God, no doubt about it, but in terms of Black Sabbath missing Dio is a bit out of order. Some of us are old enough to remember ten years of Sabbath with Ozzy before Dios appearance. Ozzy = Sabbath. So, missing Dio is kind of missing something else than Sabbath. Hence the downvotes. I guess.
    You are absolutely right, Dio was a god sent from beyond to teach all of us music lovers something, and most of us learned and stood in awe, and still do. No doubt Dio was a great asset to Black Sabbath! But it was something different, Ozzy is synonym with Black Sabbath. I grew up in start 70's and was fed right from the start with Black Sabbath, Bowie and a lot more awesome rock bands from that era, from my mom who was a hot rock chick back then ... Ozzy IS Black Sabbath due to his unique character of voice and personality (in my ears at least) ... But i am sure i can speak for everyone, that we all miss Dio, and as hmchrist mention, missing Dio is missing something else.
    I view Ozzy-era and Dio-era Sabbath as two different bands: Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell. With Dio at vocals, style of the band changed drastically. Both line-ups are amazing in their own right and we should all be happy that we have been blessed by having two amazing bands of sheer brilliance.
    They titled song is called "God is Dead?" Anybody ready for my catholic preaching on why you shouldn't listen to this?
    I assume this song is a play on Nietzsches madness? The story of the lantern All post-modernity being played on Christians in the genre must just let their own convictions guide them
    NO, keep your catholic diatribe to yourself. This is about the music, not some fairy tales.
    Actually, Ozzy has notable sang about his wonder as to when Judgement day will be, but more primarily why God lets so much evil happen every day. SOngs where he does that are asking questions, yet sticking to his forever faith in God. Such as songs like Diggin Me Down, off his 2010 album Scream. Being a Catholic, you have better things to worry about other than musical geniuses asking questions about religion, like your new Pope being a bastard homophobe, being confined to a cult that is afraid to reveal itself to the 21st century, and your priest sticking his penis in your *****. Good day to you, -a fellow Freethinker.
    Sounds very similar to the first couple of albums but with modern production, I guess that's what they were going for. Structure wise is very reminiscent of their debut opener. Seems promising
    That's my issue with it. I love the song, but I hate the Rick Rubin compressed-as-f*ck production. Really wish they chose someone else. Otherwise, I'm really looking forward to the rest of the album.
    If you knew anything about music you'd know that Rick Rubin has nothing to with the the "compression" of the ****ing song. Rick Rubin works with Black Sabbath to give them ideas on how to find an environment where they can be their best.
    20 bucks says Rubin has at least something to do with all that compression. If you knew anything about "music" you wouldn't make such brash and misled generalizations.
    You were downvoted pretty bad, but you're right. Rick Rubin is the Producer. That means that he pretty much has the final say on the way things are arranged, recorded, and often times even mixed. The producer often works with everyone in the process. If you want some evidence to support that, notice that his albums all tend to have different mixing engineers/mastering engineers, yet they end up with the same type of drum compression. That being said, the only time compression bothers me is 'limiting' which (when abused) just ends up distorting everything. That did NOT happen here, so it's awesome! I don't care if it's compressed to sh*t as you said.
    This will be my first post on here but this caught my eye. I am an engineer myself and a producer, I have never had the pleasure of meeting Rick Rubin but have talked to people that have. Rick Rubin is famous for his "hands off" approach to producing. Interestingly enough it is the stigma that surrounds him that makes this approach work. for example he walks into the studio and listens to a song or two and walks back out, not really shedding any light onto the process until its close to completion. This "encourages" bands to keep pushing their envelopes to make something great that will keep him in a room since you are paying out the ass for him. other than that Rick Ruben could give to shits about the ratio of compression on his tracks its more the people he works with that lay it on there..... not saying he doesnt love it of course
    You are incorrect. Rubin definitely had a say in the compression of the song/album. Listen to other Rubin produced albums and you will hear the same tight compression. Sometimes tight compression sounds great; but here, the compression nullifies the Sabbath "sound"
    and if u dont like the compression in songs these days, clearly ur not paying attention to Volume songs almost have to be loud to even be noticed. its sad cuz its taking away from real dynamic changes. u can still here them but there not as obvious as per say on the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath record.
    Rick Rubin simply listens to their ideas and puts in his two cents. He has no control over what the final sound is - they have a mixing engineer that takes care of that. Most famous producers out there don't even touch a console/mixing board these days.
    Sorry, because I'm kind of repeating myself, but that is not true. As a producer, he works with everyone in the process. The only two people who have the 'final say' in a major production record like this are the band, and the producer. A mixing engineer will likely mix to their preference, but the producer has every right (and usually exacts that right) to tell the mixing engineer how to mix. (again, i'm sorry, i'm repeating myself from a previous comment, but: ) that being said, the compression doesn't bother me here. There is no heavy limiting creating that nasty, digital distortion sound (such as on Californication), so I could pretty much care less.
    Rick Rubin knows exactly what he's doing on the board. The role of producer is to help galvanize and solidify the band's ideas AND mold the sound to tape. You can go through all Rubin works of late and hear the same production value. For example, the Chili Peppers. In fact, most of the compression/distortion on I'm With You (from overdriving the digital channels) is introduced in the recording process (just listen to the drum production on that record--that's not from mixing/mastering, they were recorded that way!!, meaning no one will ever be able to remix/remaster that record (or any of the many other Rubin records) and fix that crap. It's a shame, really. However, this track sounds (as much as I can tell from a YouTube audio) like it was treated more kindly by Mr. Rubin. If you want to learn more about producers and their influence on the sound of records and the preponderance of over-compressed/digitally distorted "music," head on over to and jump into the forums. Of course, there is also blame for the mastering engineer. Vlado Meller is infamous for his abominations. If more people understand what's being done to modern music, perhaps they can communicate their dislike to the makers and producers and engineers and end it. Just take any of your favorite metal records (original pressing) and compare it to the remastered version. The latter will always pale in comparison, because "remastering" means compressing the crap out of. However, he did do a good job on Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Bottom line: the producer is responsible for the whole record and in many cases has a signature sound (see Phil Spector & Steve Albini, etc.).
    Then it's just a coincidence that a noticeable number of recent albums he's produced have had this same "sound?"
    Take a read or listen to Rick Rubins commentary and interviews. He notably "compresses" a lot of the music he works with, hes pretty infamous for it, actually. I dont like it in this song, but i almost wanna garuntee you itll garuntee a "Sabbath: sound on the record specifically.
    thats complete bullshit most famous producers man the board. rick rubin is just not an engineer and takes on more than hes capable of handling at one time. mutt lange is always behind the board. so is kevin churko, trent reznor, dr dre, timbaland terry date, steve albini, i could go on forever
    Rick is good but what would it sound like if Jack White what have produced this album
    Rubin would have more likely said "think about how you felt when you wrote the first record, what it meant, where it all came from and use that to make something that people will instantly recognise as vintage Sabbath". He's not the mixer, it's not his job to **** around with levels and over compress them, that job usually goes to the man who ruined Death magnetic. Rubin is good at what he does, certain mixers these days are not.
    Mr Winters
    Holy shit the riff at 6:23 is ****ing beast
    Seriously. How does Tony continue to come up with fresh crushing riffs this far into his career?
    Because he's Tony freaking Iommi! Loving the track so far! And, I'll reiterate, that riff is f*cking beast!!
    "It's the first time Ozzy Osbourne has fronted a new Sabbath song since 1978." What about Psycho Man and Selling My Soul?