Black Sabbath's '13' is Available for Streaming Online

Listen to the entire album via iTunes right now!

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Black Sabbath's "13" is available for streaming in full via iTunes, Antiquiet reports.

The album will drop on June 10 and it appears to be the band's 19th release, the first since 1995's "Forbidden" and the first featuring Ozzy Osbourne's vocals since 1978's "Never Say Die." The full lineup also includes iconic axeman Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler and Rage Against the Machine sticksman Brad Wilk replacing the original Sabbath drummer Bill Ward.

The band will hit the US road this year, then Sabbath will go to South America, and in the end they will tour Europe.

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    What do you mean "it appears to be the band's 19th release"??? Not very sure about anything UG.....
    That was my question as well. Does it also appear to be an album full of music?
    this is violently awesome
    am i the only one thinks it isn't anything amazing? i mean iommi's lead work is almost shotty in some songs. not to say its bad or anything but i wouldn't say spectacular.
    Listening now. And it's wonderful so far. Sabbath's still got it, and Rubin did a good job.
    Rubin did good with the production, except I wish they got a sound that was a little more like early Sabbath, like a little more raw and warm, but I'm still super happy with the final product!
    my dad's first vinyl was "Black Sabbath." I think getting "13" on vinyl would be fitting. So stoked for this album
    Honey Badger
    I don't normally care, but right now is an exception. I'm seeing them in Vancouver at the end of August, way too stoked.
    the hell is with downvotes? Rejoices, do not crap on our mood
    I listened to the stream of the album, it sounds ****ing fantastic. It's Sabbath through and through. I can live without Bill Ward on drums, and I'm more than excited to see them live this winter (If it doesn't snow too heavily...again).
    On iTunes? But.. I dont have iTunes =[ This is the only time in my life I actually regret not having it.
    The album sounds great, and I love it. BUT... Some of the earlier tracks sound like reinterpretations of their older songs. End of the Beginning sounds like Black Sabbath, God is Dead? sounds like Heaven and Hell/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Loner sounds like N.I.B., and Zeitgeist sounds like Planet Caravan. I'm not saying this is necessarily bad, but it just sounds a tad bit unoriginal at a first glance. However, it all-around sounds like classic Black Sabbath, as if they picked it up right after Master of Reality, so I'm really liking this album a lot.
    This album is amazing so far. Going through it now, but it's just straight up Sabbath. I don't get this feeling of anything being forced. Doesn't sound like they're trying to borrow ideas from old songs for the sake of familiarity, but actually just crafting awesome music. On Zeitgeist. So freakin' smooth
    Zeitgeist is a straight-up remake of Planet Caravan. You sure they're not trying to borrow ideas for the sake of it?
    They will tour THE EUROPE!?
    Sounds better than,every Ozzy solo album since Bark at the Moon, and better than every Sabbath album since Headless Cross, not including Devil You Know.
    I know that people is gonna hate me for this, but i think that it's not an awesome album, i really like it, sounds amazing, but doesn't have that sparkle that black sabbath used to have, ironicaly sounds a lot like the old school sabbath, but to me it doesn't sound natural, sounds like a band trying to regain their roots instead of creating a masterpiece. there are realy good songs like zeitgeist, but reminds me to planet caravan, I dont want an album of reminders.
    isn't the whole point of reunions like this to play the way they used to?? People cry over Super Collider not being what Megadeth once was. they want another Rust in Peace People wine all day about how Metallica will never be what they were. And now here is Sabbath, the inventors of Metal, being everything they used to be and it aint enough. this is why older bands dont care about writing new stuff, they are covered by their legacy and fans are never satisfied
    I agree about how metal heads complain about music not being too loud, or just to soft, they changed their sound, their still playing the same thing, it's anoying. my point about 13 is that it doesn't sound like a band comming back to their roots, to me, it sounds like a remake of old songs. black sabbath is an awesome band, it's incredible that planet caravan and paranoid are in the same album or heaven and hell and children of the sea. but still Sabbath rules, ill see them in october!!!
    This album is really good and surprised me in a good way! Rick Rubin's production definitely worked on this one flawlessly with Iommi, Ozzy, and Geezer. The only problem I have is the mixing. Given that it is much better than Death Magnetic and World Painted Blood it is still not that great. Rubin needs to understand a band's aggression lies in their music, not how loud and clipped a record is. Great Sabbath album though!
    how do you know what the mix sounds like when you are listening to the compressed digital mp3? don't hate on the mix until you listen to the real audio files on a computer or an actual vinyl or cd.
    It's on Itunes so the bit rate is at 256kbps. That is high enough to tell if the mix is good or not especially if you have a good set of headphones. It's mostly the drums that sound off to me.
    even good headphones can make 'spacious' recordings sound small and ill-comprehensive. have you ever tried mixing with headphones directly through an m-box or something similar? the low end is either over compensated or the opposite once you listen to the same mix through studio monitors. im just saying this because i have only listened to the songs online so far and i can still hear the compression in the percussion. I totally agree: the drums sound thin. i hope that does not hold true to the album. i have faith in rubin, i love sabbath, and i think this album is going to be ****ing killer! cheers!