Black Veil Brides Finalize New Album Recording, Confirm October Release

Band's fourth studio effort was produced by Bob Rock, more inside.

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Black Veil Brides have officially confirmed that their fourth studio album "IV" is complete and waiting for October 28 release date.

Produced by legendary Bob Rock, the record will mark a follow-up to last year's "Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones."

"We've officially completed BVB4 and I couldn't be more proud of this record! Coming your way 10/28/14," shouted frontman Andy Biersack via Twitter. The rest of the group was quick to follow, sharing an equal amount of enthusiasm.

"One of the most interesting things about working with Bob Rock this time was that he requires weeks and weeks of pre-production, just writing and jamming together," Andy previously told Rock Sound.

"I knew that the guys in my band are very talented musicians, but we've never taken the time to sit in a room facing each other, and continuously write for weeks on end - there was just a small mic in the middle of the room, and Bob would orchestrate us. If something came up that we liked, we'd try to cut a demo of it just from that. The idea is that if you write all together, you'll find great material, and know it from the ground up."

You can check out the part of studio atmosphere in the clip below.

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    Musically the bands pretty decent not many bands sound like they do, yet their fan base is godawful can't take any criticism towards the band and think they are angst for it.
    Many fanbases make the band into a love/hate situation. BVB is one, and personally, Tool is another for me (bring the hate).
    I'm looking forward to it! But I hope Andy works on his vocals. He can be a bit monotonous at times! But musically these guys are great!
    This new Black Veil Brides album is also going to be laser-imprinted onto actual turds. So you'll be able to smell the sh*t and not just hear it.
    What is this UG? You know we don't speak this name around here. We don't like down votes either. Save us and you from down votes.
    I'll wait and see how it sounds. You can't fault any of them musically
    Except the singer, who has a vocal range of 3 notes and a sh*tty attitude to boot.
    Yeah, then why has Alex got so many dislikes? I hate how people judge them by appearance and don't actually see the talent the band actually has.
    Trying to find an upvoted comment on a BVB article = trying to find a needle in a haystack. Reminds me of the 'does this make me fat?' girlfriend question lol
    Lol people be like: They okay musically. ahahah, If you're 15 they are, bunch of ****s.
    Yeah, I'm really not sure how anyone thinks they're ok musically.
    Just keep in mind that the emphasis is on the word "OK". And musically, I do find them "OK". When a song of theirs starts playing on the radio I don't feel any compelling desire to get up and turn it off in disgust, because the music itself is tolerable. Nobody's saying that it's fantastic (I'm certainly not) but it isn't wretched by any means.
    Well they have Bob Rock producing the album so it should in theory sound epic
    My friend was listening to them through his headphones and I was like "oh wow man these guys rock". Who are they? "They are an emo band." "Oh yea?" "The Black Veil Brides." I pulled away in horror. They are good musicians. I dont support them as a band though. It's too glam, and desperate for acceptance. They are still good though!
    Hold the f*cking phone, you like them but you won't listen to them because of the scene they're involved in? High School logic at it's finest.
    This goes for many other haters of BVB. Mention looks and many will say 'they look like fags' without trying out the music.
    id rather listen to that band "the hell" mentioned in that other new ug article shit just got real
    whats with all the hate for BVB? Is it there image? The band members? I saw them play a sold out show with BFMV, BVB was way better