Blackmore's Night: New Album In June

artist: Blackmore's Night date: 05/13/2008 category: new releases
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Blackmore's Night will release their new album, entitled "Secret Voyage", in Germany on June 27 (in Europe on June 30 and in the USA on July 15) via SPV. According to a SPV press release: "Secret Voyage" is another kaleidoscopic musical journey through time and space, incorporating and rearranging traditional melodies from all over Europe, blending the "old" and contemporary. The brilliant guitar styling's of Ritchie Blackmore, the enchanting vocals and lyrics of singer/songwriter Candice Night and the saturation of authentic Renaissance instruments woven throughout the melodies, create a unique style of music they call Renaissance/Folk/Rock. "Secret Voyage" consists of twelve new tracks, recorded by Candice Night, Ritchie Blackmore and their Band Of Minstrels. This musical journey is inspired by nature and incorporates acoustic and electric guitars, strings, renaissance instruments and Candice Night's ethereal voice and mystical lyrics." "Secret Voyage" [cover] tracklisting: 01. God Save The Keg 02. Locked Within The Crystal Ball 03. Gilded Cage 04. Toast To Tomorrow 05. Prince Waldeck's Galliard 06. Rainbow Eyes 07. The Circle 08. Sister Gypsy 09. Can't Help Falling In Love 10. Peasant's Promise 11. Far Far Away 12. Empty Words Also Candice Night's track-by-track commentary on this new album can be found here. Thanks for the info to
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