Blackmore's Night Released 'Dancer and the Moon' Video

The track is the first piece from the band's upcoming album with the same title, out June 14th.

Ultimate Guitar

Blackmore's Night release music video for "Dancer and the Moon," the first track from the upcoming album with the same title.

This is the second known track from the upcoming record - the clip of "The Moon Is Shining (Somewhere Over the Sea)" was released this May.

The band's new album is released on June 14th in Europe and June 11th 2013 in North America.

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    Ireland, 10 points! Not sure if it's better than "My lovey horse" though
    Haha you legend.
    Thank you for sharing this with others who did not understand the reference. Had a good laugh. There is a special place for you people in [insert positive mythical afterlife realm here], if you believe in any.
    thanks for the vid and I'm a sucker because I can't even spell loveLy correctly