Blackmore's Night To Release 'Paris Moon' DVD

artist: Blackmore's Night date: 09/26/2007 category: new releases

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Blackmore's Night, the band featuring former Deep Purple/Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and his fiance Candice Night, will release a new live DVD called "Paris Moon", according to, release date has been set November 2 for Germany, November 5 for the rest of Europe and November 6 for USA (the latter presumably in NTSC format). The DVD package will also include an audio CD. Track listing is as follows. DVD (Format: Dual Layer DVD9 Pal; Screen Format: PAL 16:9; Running Time: 128 min.; Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital - 5.1 Dts - 2.0 Dolby Stereo): 01. Introduction 02. Past Times With Good Company 03. Rainbow Blues 04. Play Minstrel Play 05. World Of Stone 06. Under A Violet Moon 07. Soldier Of Fortune 08. Durch Den Wald Zum Bachaus 09. Diamonds & Rust 10. Minstrel Hall 11. Home Again 12. Streets Of London 13. Renaissance Faire 14. Keyboard Solo 15. Ariel 16. Loreley 17. The Clock Ticks On 18. Fires At Midnight 19. St. Theresa 20. The Village Lanterne CD: 01. Past Times With Good Company/Rainbow Blues 02. Play Minstrel Play 03. World Of Stone 04. Under A Violet Moon 05. Minstrel Hall 06. Home Again 07. Ariel 08. The Clock Ticks On 09. Fires At Midnight Bonus tracks: 01. The Village Lanterne (studio version) 02. All Because of You (radio edit) 03. The Village Lanterne (enhanced video track)
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