Blink-182 Recording New Album Demos

The band will headline this summer's Reading and Leeds Festivals.

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Blink-182 have seemingly confirmed that work has begun on their new album, with Mark Hoppus of the band posting on Twitter a screenshot of a new song being demoed.

Hoppus took to Twitter earlier today (February 12), writing "Them Blink-182 demos" alongside the picture (see below).

Blink-182 had previously revealed their plan to release a new album in time for headlining Reading and Leeds Festivals alongside Arctic Monkeys this summer. Speaking to Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 last year about the headline slot and plans for new music, Hoppus said: "We are coming with new material. We go into the studio after the holidays, and the goal is to have an album out in time for the festival."

The punk-pop band released their most recent album and their sixth studio LP, "Neighborhoods," in 2011. Blink-182's latest release was the "Dogs Eating Dogs" EP in December 2012. The band split from their label Interscope in 2011.

Them blink-182 demos.

- Mark Hoppus (@markhoppus) February 12, 2014

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    matteo cubano
    cool to see logic being used over pro tools. i'm sure its just for demos but still, logic needs more love, great stuff
    Dogs Eating Dogs was a great refresher after Neighborhoods (I still enjoyed it, but not their best) I'm stoked about all that's still to come from independent, label-less Blink!
    Dogs Eating Dogs really kicks the shit out of Neighborhoods, in my opinion.
    I'm hoping it's a full length and not another EP. 4 or 5 songs just isn't good enough.
    I personally thought Neighborhoods was their worst release yet. It just didn't feel like a Blink album, as much as I wanted it to. Dogs Eating Dogs was an improvement and a step in the right direction, but it still felt as if it as missing something to me. Hopefully their next release will sound more solid and will have, what I'd call, more of a Blink "feel" about it than their last two efforts.
    I really liked Neighborhoods, but I didn't like Dogs Eating Dogs all that much. I'm excited to hear another album so soon though.
    Jeez Louise, 16 downvotes? I do like Blink's old stuff, but to me they've gotten too self-consciously serious. There's no harm in growing, but don't lose what made people fans of you in the first place. That's all I was saying.
    Please make fun songs, not boring songs like you have been lately. Thanks.