Blink-182 Tease New Material

Punk-pop mainstays have fans salivating at the prospect of new material, thanks to a cryptic message from bassist Mark Hoppus on Twitter.

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Punk-pop mainstays have fans salivating at the prospect of new material, thanks to a cryptic message from bassist Mark Hoppus on Twitter.

Hoppus posted the words "it begins", followed by a link to his Google + profile which displayed a screenshot of music software program Logic according to ContactMusic.

Clarifying the comments, Hoppus posed the following message: "Sorry, not trying to be mysterious. Yes, this is me opening a new file for a blink-182 song. I had three ideas today, all very different. I wish I knew how to operate Logic better. These guitar tracks sound like Frankenstein's monster singing dub step..... (sic)"

Hoppus had announced that the band was writing material for the new Blink-182 album back in January:

"Right now, I'm writing songs and Tom [DeLonge] is doing other stuff," Hoppus revealed. "Basically, we've been on a break since last summer's US tour. I'm sure these will all be Blink songs at the moment I don't have any plans to write songs with anybody else right now. If I do, it'll be a collaboration or a one-off thing, but everything I'm writing right now is for Blink-182."

"At the moment all I've got is a bunch of chord progressions and ideas. It's more me playing my guitar and coming up with little ideas and melodies. By the time it goes to Tom and Travis [Barker] and we work on it as a band, who knows what it will sound like."

Blink, who reformed in 2009, released their first studio album since their breakup, Neighborhoods, in September 2011. The band will tour Australia in 2013. Drummer Travis Barker will be joining the group, although earlier reports had said that he would be missing out on the Australian leg because of his fear of flying, caused by a plane crash he was involved in in 2008.

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    2 months later.. Blink 182 unveil new dubstep influenced track
    I highly doubt they will do a dubstep track, but maybe they will go in a more electronic direction, I mean +44 was originally an electronic project. I can't imagine Tom DeLonge doing dubstep though.
    hahaha I hope they don't about every rock band today is doing it.
    Let's go down the list of the rock bands doing it today: Muse ...
    Funny how even the slightest mention of the word "DubStep" can cause pandemonium in the comment section
    Seriously! Did no one else notice that it said "these guitar tracks "?
    I think Mark should work on a new +44 record while Tom's doing his AVA thing, but new Blink songs are fine too
    Dammit Mark, start working on +44 again, Tom's gonna spend the next 2 years stroking his ego with AvA, why can't you and Trav do the same?
    Wasn't +44 very similar to Blink 182, just without Tom? I didn't actually hear much of it, except for Baby comeon, which I must admit, I really really liked. Not that AvA isn't similar, but as for lyrical themes and stuff it's very focused on certain subjects, and they go for a bit more of an epic U2'ish feel. I reckon Mark's writing for +44 didn't differ that much from his Blink writing, so I think he might as well spend his time writing for future Blink stuff.
    This is why Mark is taking on more of the writing phase than Tom DeLounge is. Tom's moved on and only came back for the money so letting Mark take on more of what Blink 182 is is a logically choice.
    ^This is just my belief. I have no sources.
    So you're lying to us? It's not about the money at all, it's just a huge gap in the creative process. Tom grew up and doesn't feel like he's at liberty to write old school Blink songs anymore. Neighborhoods was amazing and they should make more records like that. I do not expect them to ever go back 100% to their early sound. It was nice while it lasted, but I don't want them to feel constraint when writing new material. That's why Tom is doing AVA. It's the material he would have liked to put into Blink, but can't because it's way different.
    If yet another good bad fall to the sickness that is dubstep i may have to eat my own gallbladder in anger...
    Boxcar was an influence on the latest material too. 'Ghosts on the dancefloor' has near identical verses to 'There Is', so much that I can't listen to it without the lyrics jumbling round in my head from both songs. I hope that they don't jump on the Dubstep band wagon that's plaguing modern rock bands. Bands that used to be know for 'Alternative Rock' are now far from it. More like 'Clone rock'.
    I do like Ava a lot but I miss the dark side of Tom and Travis was better in boxcar than + 44
    ...I'm not sure how showing a single, empty track in Logic is "teasing new material". I guess a verbal description of a pulsating wall of noise is teasing.
    guys its just in... theyve decided to replace travis' drumming jonathan davis' dubstep... ...thoughts?
    I feel like I am going to become mad in the next few months of teasers from them