Blink-182: 'The Best Is Yet To Come'

Drummer Travis Barker suggests "Neighborhoods" wasn't good enough, but promises the band will be back on form for their next recording.

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Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has suggested their latest album "Neighborhoods" wasn't good enough, but promises fans "the best is yet to come".

He blames their long hiatus and the fact that they pieced "Neighborhoods" together from different parts of the country, but they hope to remedy that on their next release.

"We had seven years off and the last album I think was us barely getting back into the rhythm, recording an album because it was expected of us and we'd gotten back together and everyone wanted to hear new music," he told Rhythm (via NME).

He continued: "I feel like the best is yet to come, the next album is going to be exciting. For the most part the last album was recorded in different studios, we weren't always in the same room. We made it happen and it was the best it could be at the time with us three. I think in the future it can be crazy."

Blink-182 will tour Australia next year. Barker had expressed concerns about taking the long flight there after being in a plane crash in 2008, but the band have since confirmed that he will attend the tour which includes an appearance at the Soundwave festival.

Do you think "Neighborhoods" was lacking? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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    Wow. Neighborhoods is one of my favorite albums. Seriously... if the best is yet to come, I better prepare.
    I did think this album was lacking. But just my opinion, it didnt seem to have quite enough of that classic Blink feel. Its good overall, but all of their other past albums certainly beat it.
    "Blink-182: 'The Best Is Yet To Come'" Ok, so they are not covering the MGS ending theme?
    Not enough Mark vocals. Sounded more like the Tom, Tom, and Travis Show.
    i agree, toms voice isnt that great now, hes still stuck in AvA, he needs to go back to the shorts, tshirt, buzzcut, sideways hat and lip ring, people liked him when he looked and acted like an idiot
    I don't understand what his looks could have to do with the music...
    100% agree, for the majority of the songs mark did chorus' b that's it which I didn't think was enough. Some great songs but it still felt a bit too Angels and Airwaves than Blink or +44 even, cuz their album was awesome in my opinion, shame we'll never see em again.
    Always funny to me when someone from a band is like "Yeah our last album was garbage... My bad..."
    While Neighbourhoods did seem like a fairly natural progression from their self-titled album, it did not match the S/T for quality. That said it was still a really enjoyable album - a real grower, at that. I'm expecting the next album to be something special.
    i LOVE all of their albums except neighborhoods, it was decent, i highly doubt the new album will be better than pre-hiatus ones, but i bet it will be alot better
    There are good songs on the album. I just feel there are a lot of one off "filler" songs on the album. Wishing wells, Fighting the Gravity and After Midnight were songs that just felt rushed. Still glad they are back and glad that Travis believes it wasn't their best album because to me that means a new album will be much better.