Blink-182 To Record New Album In February 2013

Band to begin work on first album since leaving Interscope.

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Blink-182 have confirmed that they will record a new album in February, though they admit they no idea how to distribute it after quitting their record label this week.

Blink have left Interscope after 15 years with the label and find themselves unsigned for the first time since 1997. However, rather than being disheartened by the split, bassist Mark Hoppus has told that he is optimistic about the future of the group and looking forward to making new music and finding new ways to get it to their fans.

Speaking about the next album, Hoppus said the band would "continue writing through the end of the year ... and begin recording after our tour of Australia in February."

Discussing the split from Interscope he added: "The reasons for us not working together are many and varied, but mostly we wish them luck in everything in their future, and thank those there who've worked so hard on Blink-182 throughout the years. As far as labels, to be honest, we've been holding our breath waiting for final word from the attorneys that our contract with Interscope had ended. Now the future's a wide-open door.

"We're lucky to be in a position where, after 20 years in our band, we can be independent and open to all options. It's a very exciting time here. I feel like our band is in the best place it's been in a long time. I mean, just look at my hair!"

Blink-182's next album will be their seventh studio record and the follow-up to 2011 effort "Neighborhoods", NME reports.

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    At what point do they say they have "no idea how to distribute it after quitting their record label this week." UG? They at no point say anything like that in the article. Surely they will have some idea though with Tom having Modlife and his own label 'To The Stars Records'.
    This video is two years old and has absolutely nothing to do with the content of the article above.
    Ian Paul Gint
    Dude, what you did right now is almost fired our recently hired new editor - why do you have to be THAT cruel? Now she's crying Try to be more supportive next time, everybody has the right to make a mistake! Btw, thanks for noting
    If people shouldn't be fired for doing their job poorly then what should they be fired for?
    I wouldn't say they are screwed. Many bands are going the independent route and are doing great. More creative control, more songs to put on disk, nothing they care rule out as in there are no limits to what they can bring out. Coheed is killing it right now with their new album same with Circa Survive.
    I'm going to go out on a limb and make a positive comment here. "Oh buy! I hope it's even better than Neighborhoods!"
    They should each stand on a street corner in different cities (say, San Diego, New York and Philly) and hand out CD's in person
    They no idea! We no idea! I no idea why this article was posted... this exact news was posted 2 days ago.
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    I really hope that they play this new material during their tour of Australia