Blink-182 To Release New EP For Christmas

Band announce on Twitter that they'll release new material in a few weeks.

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Blink-182 have announced (via NME) that they'll be releasing a new EP in time for Christmas.

Bassist/singer Mark Hoppus had recently told US rock station KROQ that new material from the pop-punk band was on its way, following their departure from Interscope Records, and that a new album would be likely in 2013.

However, few days ago the bassist wrote on his Twitter page indicating that new songs were expected to be released "in a matter of weeks" and informed fans to "watch this space". Minutes later, guitarist/singer Tom DeLonge revealed that an EP could be out by Christmas.

Mark Hoppus wrote:

We're releasing some new blink-182 songs in a few weeks. Watch this space.

Mark Hoppus (@markhoppus) 8, 2012

Tom DeLonge wrote:

New Blink EP for x mas... :)

Tom DeLonge (@tomdelonge) 8, 2012

Earlier this year, drummer Travis Barker promised that "the best is yet to come" from the pop-punkers. The trio released their comeback album 'Neighborhoods' in September 2011, their first LP in seven years, and Barker said that he feels like that album represented the band "barely getting back into the rhythm".

Barker, who has a fear of flying, also confirmed that he'll join the group when they tour Australia in March next year as part of the Soundwave Festival.

Are you excited about new Blink material?

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    Just wondering... 1) is this new blink material that will be released around christmas, or.. 2) is this a blink christmas album? either way, I'm getting it.
    hahaha it is both. there's new blink songs and there's some christmas song they did. and apparently a folk style song so idk haha. december 18th is the day though
    What if this is an entire Christmas album? I adore blink, but I'm not sure if I would love or hate Tom and Mark's voices over Christmas Carols... unless they just write new Christmas songs like MXPX did.
    do you realise that they've done a christmas song before? although I doubt this will be a christmas themed ep
    Yeah, they've done 2 Christmas songs. So that'd be cool to do more of that. But really, any new Blink would be great.
    awesome. talk bout a band that has grown into something more spectacular than i ever could have imagined
    I'm pretty sure Tom meant next Christmas, remember how neighborhoods was almost done and going to be released by the end of 2009?