Bloc Party Singer To Release Solo Album

artist: Bloc Party date: 04/07/2010 category: upcoming releases

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Bloc Party's singer/guitarist Kele Okereke has unveiled the details of his upcoming solo record. The frontman, who will be recording and performing under the name Kele, has named his debut The Boxer and plans to release it on June 21 this summer. With a single already announced - "Tenderoni" will hit airwaves on June 14 - Okereke said the album produced in New York by XXXchange (The Kills) will feature the artist venturing into dance music. "I've been into clubbing for years," he said. "I've said from the beginning I'm into dance, it gets me excited and I think this record is going to go some way to prove that to people, hopefully." Okereke's former group Bloc Party went on hiatus last October and since then, the frontman has been working consistently on his solo release. Whether the group will reunite and continue to make music is unknown. The tracklisting for The Boxer is as follows: 01. Walk Tall 02. On The Lam 03. Tenderoni 04. The Other Side 05. Everything You Wanted 06. New Rules 07. Unholy Thoughts 08. Rise 09. All The Things I Could Never Say 10. Yesterday's Gone
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