Blur Start Recording New Album

Britpop legends Blur have started work on their first album in 10 years, according to singer Damon Albarn.

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Britpop legends Blur will soon start work on their first album in 10 years, according to singer Damon Albarn.

In 2012 the band had started work on a new album, but Albarn suddenly halted the sessions according to producer William Orbit last year. "The new stuff sounded amazing. Then it all stopped suddenly," said Orbit. "It was all over with Damon, and the rest of the band were like, 'Is this it?'"

Now they're having another shot, as revealed by the singer while the band were performing at Hong Kong's Asia World-Expo on Sunday.

"So we have a week in Hong Kong, and we thought it would be a good time to try and record another record," he said during the performance, which you can see in the player below (via Pitchfork).

It may have been a decade since their last album, but the band have released a series of singles in the meanwhile. In 2012 they released two singles "Under The Westaway" and "The Puritan," and previously released special limited edition vinyl for Record Store Day.

Watch Albarn announce their new album news in the player here:

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    Sammy Mantis
    You have to consider that most people can't distinguish a single line out of that thickly-accented jibberish aside from "woohoo".
    I don't get what the down votes are all about. This was always the case when I was kid. Blur's singer Damon Albarn isn't exactly the clearest vocalist.
    I came. Also, I've been waiting since I was 7 for the milk cartoon of Coffee and TV to resurge from the bottom of the trash can, please make it the album cover.
    That picture makes Damon look like that douche from Maroon 5... Otherwise, can't wait for the new album!