Bob Marley: Last Recorded Performance To Be Released

The last recorded performance of Bob Marley is going to be made into a live album to be released early next year.

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Bob Marley, who is easily one of reggae's most successful and influential musicians, has left behind a legacy that still inspires artists today. With countless critically acclaimed albums and several prestigious awards, he continues to have an impact on our lives. Now we'll be able to listen to the Jamaican's last recorded performance on an upcoming live album due out early next year.

This will be the sixth official live album by Bob Marley and The Wailers, and is entitled Live Forever. The album has two CD's worth of material, and features some of Bob Marley's greatest hits like Jamming, Redemption Song, and No Woman, No Cry.

The material was recorded 30 years ago at a show on September 23rd, 1980 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania just after writing the hit album Uprising, which would turn out to be the last studio album Bob Marley released during his life. The record is planned to be available for purchase on the first of February. Bob's music has always conveyed a message of hope, unity and love, says Rita Marley. It has brought countless people together as it did that night 30 years ago in Pittsburgh. To hear that music today and to be able to share it with a new generation shows that Bob is as relevant today as he was 30 years ago.

The track listing for the album will be as follows:

CD One:

01. Greetings 02. Natural Mystic 03. Positive Vibration 04. Burnin' and Lootin' 05. Them Belly Full 06. The Heathen 07. Running Away 08. Crazy Baldhead 09. War/No More Trouble 10. Zimbabwe 11. Zion Train 12. No Woman, No Cry

CD Two:

01. Jamming 02. Exodus 03. Redemption Song 04. Coming in from the Cold 05. Could You Be Loved 06. Is This Love 07. Work 08. Get Up Stand Up

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