Bonham Completes Unfinished Led Zeppelin Song

artist: Black Country Communion date: 05/05/2011 category: new releases

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Black Country Communion's second album due for release in June will feature a song originally destined for Led Zeppelin if they had managed to get the airship off the ground back in 2008. BCC drummer Jason Bonham initially started writing the song, called "Save Me" with John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page, and salvaged it from the wreckage of the failed project. He completed it during the writing sessions for Black Country Communion 2 and told the Toronto Sun that he was pleased that it hadn't stayed on the cutting room floor: There's a song that started off as an idea that I worked on with (them), so I was happy to finish it off with this band and have it come out." "It's called Save Me. You'll notice it in the riff. You'll hear a slight Zepesque riff... it's got a definite feel to it." Bonham also revealed that he was devastated when the Zep project failed to get out of the starting blocks: "I was very much under the illusion that we were going to write an album and we were going to put together a new project." "It was winter, like early December of 2008 when it kind of came to a halt, which was a hard thing for me to get over for a while. I had just played the concert of my life." BCC are lined up for a short US tour in June before returning for a full series of dates across Europe through summer including a number of festival appearances. Watch the Black Country Communion studio clip below:
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