Bowie Releases New Single

Second track from the next day online.

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David Bowie has released the video for "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)", the second single from his upcoming album The Next Day. The track, which was announced last week, is a much rockier affair than previous single "Where Are We Now" which was unveiled back in January.

The video features David Bowie and Tilda Swinton playing a suburban couple whose idyllic life is torn apart by the arrival of tabloid celebrities.

It is still unclear as to whether Bowie will be touring behind the new album, with guitarist Gerry Leonard having claimed that the chances of the singer going out on the road are "50-50" . Meanwhile, X-Factor head honcho Simon Cowell has announced that he is trying to get Bowie to be a judge on the show:

"I think if I could have anyone on The X Factor it would be David Bowie," said Cowell. "It's no secret I've asked him, and he hasn't said yes yet, but I'll keep extending the invitation."

"Why Bowie? He's a legend. He's a great songwriter, he has massive influence on music today and he's 100 per cent credible. I'm a fan. Not just of his music but of him, the man. He's cool. Most of us aren't. Bowie is."

As Bowie mania begins in light of the new release, DJ and Old Whistle Test host Whispering Bob Harris has remembered the moment he lost his temper with an audience who booed Bowie off stage early in his career, as Classic Rock notes:

"I first saw David in a folky act called Feathers. He was very polite and surprisingly 'English'. It was a fantastic, creative time.

"I lived with a mobile DJ and hed double-booked himself, so I took David with me to a college gig. I introduced him, he played Space Oddity and they started slow-handclapping.

"I was so angry I took the microphone and said, 'Remember this name: David Bowie. He's going to be a star and you'll remember the day you booed him off stage.'"

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    The intro to this song sounds like it is coming straight out of The Wall. Pretty good song and a great video to go with it.
    I had high expectations for this since it was previously said that "Where Are We Now" was more ballady than the rest of the songs. I'm thoroughly satisfied.