Breaking Benjamin Title Next Album, Announce First Single

artist: Breaking Benjamin date: 08/06/2009 category: upcoming releases

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Breaking Benjamin Title Next Album, Announce First Single
Breaking Benjamin announced their new album title through a blog post on their MySpace page Wednesday. According to the post, the new album title will be "Dear Agony". Also announced was a released date (September 29th), and the first single. The first single will be called "I Will Not Bow", and is set to be released to radio on August 10th and digital distributors such as iTunes on September 1st. "I Will Not Bow" will also be featured in the new Bruce Willis film, "Surrogates", set to be released September 25th. In the studio since June, "Dear Agony" will be Breaking Benjamin's first album since 2006's platinum-selling "Phobia". It will also be their second album with drummer Chad Sgeliza, who replaced previous drummer Jeremy Hummel after 2004's "We Are Not Alone".
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