Brian Blessed to Appear on Upcoming Manowar Record

"Death to false metal!" the iconic actor shouts after "Kings of Metal" re-recording session.

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Legendary British actor Brian Blessed is officially set to appear on the upcoming re-recording of classic 1988 Manowar record "Kings of Metal."

Simply titled "Kings of Metal 2014," the album's new edition is currently in the works, with Blessed giving his contribution on "The Warrior's Prayer" track.

"I had a fantastic time with Manowar in the studio yesterday, re-recording 'The Warrior's Prayer,'" the actor tweeted, also shouting "Death to false metal!"

As bassist Joey DeMaio stated, the record's new rendition will "honor the original as it's inspiration, but with additional energy, fully utilizing the power of today's technology and 25 years of experience. It will contain new arrangements and changes that incorporate live performance elements added over the years. The album will feature additional bonus material and many other surprises," he concluded.

Blessed's role on the album is a narrative one. As a renowned Shakespeare actor and one of "The Black Adder" series starring actors, he is also known for his affinity with metal music. Last month (June 2013), Blessed officially received the "Spirit of Hammer Award" at this year's annual Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards ceremony.

Scheduled for a late 2013 release, "Kings of Metal 2014" will be followed by an extensive touring schedule throughout the next year. The band recently posted a sneak peak video update, giving fans a brief insight on what's been happening in the studio.

The latest Manowar studio effort, "The Lord of Steel," saw its release in June 2012 via Magic Circle Music as the twelfth record in the group's opus.

I had a fantastic time with @MANOWAR in the studio yesterday, re-recording the Warriors Prayer. DEATH TO FALSE METAL!!!!

Brian Blessed (@brianblessed) August 1, 2013

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    Since I'm not familiar with Brian Blessed, I thought the article was about some guy named Brian feeling blessed that he got to appear on the upcoming Manowar record. So I was like, cool man, good for Brian.
    "By his loins shall ye know him, and by the length of his rod shall he be measured."
    Brian also recorded his voice on a track for a British Power Metal Band called Pythia. He did a fantastic job on that Track, so I have fullest confidence in his abilities for Manowar
    There best be a "GORDON'S ALIVE" line somewhere on the re-recording then haha.
    Love Manowar, they're so over the top. I think they still hold the records for longest continuous concert (went for like 16 hours or something), and as the only band to rock the oiled up animal pelt loin cloth look on a regular basis (because the 80's never died man)
    Hope thay don't re-record pelasure slave , it wasn't on the record . Reet , am off to tuck me gonads into me loincloth . DEATH TO PEARL JAM !!!!
    Again a re-recording of an old album? Why? Their last real album was crap, and they just re-record stuff... I used to love Manowar back then.