Brody Dalle: 'I've Been Trying to Leak My Own Album'

artist: Brody Dalle date: 03/07/2014 category: upcoming releases

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Brody Dalle: 'I've Been Trying to Leak My Own Album'
Brody Dalle has revealed (jokingly) that she has been trying to leak her own debut solo album, "Diploid Love." Watch theĀ Gigwise interview below.

In a Shoreditch hotel room a rather jet-lagged Brody Dalle resides, strumming away on her Fender guitar and telling Gigwise how she's been trying to leak her album.

"I don't think a lot of people would be very happy with me. So...," she told us, as the room erupts into almost nervous laughter.

Going on to discuss the effort which is released in April, she negates the idea that she went into the writing with one thing in mind or another - it just happened. "A song just kind of takes off on its own. It's not like I was thinking about a particular sound or way that I want a song to end up, you kind of just follow it. Sometimes you do down ten different roads before you go down the right one."

Also discussing what she had been up to in her time away from the spotlight Dalle said: "I have two kids so I'm mostly just a mum and then I write songs. And a wife so you know... cooking dinners and that kind of stuff."

Meanwhile, click below to listen to the "Parties for Prostitutes," which is the second track to be taken from her solo album.

Speaking about the song to Rolling Stone, she commented: "It's a song about betrayal. It's a fuck you."

'Diploid Love' is Dalle's first album under her own name, following her 2009 album under the Spinnerette name and three albums as the frontwoman of punk band the Distillers.

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