Bruce Dickinson on New Maiden Album: 'I've Written a Load of Stuff'

"We are going to do another album," the frontman says.

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It's been over three years since metal greats Iron Maiden released their latest effort "The Final Frontier," so it's no wonder that the fans are starting to feel the itch for some new Maiden material. Frontman Bruce Dickinson recently discussed the given subject, saying that although no timetable has been set, the writing is definitely under way. "Well, I mean, we are going to do another album." Dickinson kicked off while chatting with Vorterix. "When we do it I can't tell you." The singer then got more specific, saying (via Maiden Revelations), "Actually I've written a load of stuff. You know, we're all writing little bits and bobs all the time. We'll see what happens, you know. But yeah, sure." Bruce also addressed the band's fairly clean history with substance abuse, stressing that becoming a drug addict wasn't the reason behind the formation of Iron Maiden. "No, it's just kind of what we're like, really," he explained. "I mean, I'm not saying that nobody in the band has ever tried or mucked around with smoking dope when they we're younger. Most kids have probably tried smoking dope. Most kids have probably tried a few other things that I've never tried." The singer continued, "The reason why we started Maiden, the reason why we all became musicians, was because we wanted to be musicians, not to become druggies. We like a beer and beer is our favorite kind of stuff. We drink beer and we drink a little wine and too much coffee. That's it really. Apart from that we're just trying to have some fun." "The Final Frontier" dropped in August 2010 via EMI Records as the band's fifteenth studio effort. Apart from marking their longest album to date, the release topped the charts in a total of 28 countries around the globe.

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    Paul DiAnno is an ass
    In light of Paul's dumb mouth opening again yesterday, I take it? Don't take me wrong, I completely agree. P.S.: All hail Bruce Dickinson!
    Paul who ?? I cant wait for another Maiden album. I wish I was good enough to play their music
    Agent 00Awesome
    Great news! I personally don't think Maiden has ever released a bad album, so I can't wait to hear what direction their new album takes! UP THE IRONS.
    There was a dip in quality after Bruce left in the 90s, but I don't think that Maiden's had a bad Bruce record. he has everything to do with that.
    Agent 00Awesome
    Yeah, I don't listen to the Blaze albums too often, but I still wouldn't consider them bad by any means. Particularly The X Factor. That album is actually pretty great at some parts.
    To be honest, I don't think they've released a consistently good album since DiAnno left. Iron Maiden and Killers are hands down the best records. Seventh Son is the only Bruce album that comes close to that level of quality. They've always had a few good songs on each album though, even with Blaze. And obviously Bruce is a much better vocalist than DiAnno.
    Fuck you Paul DiAsso!! Bruce is the man and handled for decades what you couldnt! Up the mother ****ing IRONS!!
    I started getting into bands other than Kiss in the Late 70s. Zeppelin and Rush topped my list of favorites then. Of the 80s band I got into, Maiden topped the list. Soon after, Metallica joined them at the top of the list. Why am I saying this? Because a band has to be pretty awesome to be in my top 5...and Maiden were, are, and always will be awesome! I cannot wait for a new Iron Maiden album. Even if it were just Steve playing bass with no other instruments the whole album I would like it!
    Love it that instead of responding publicly to Dianno, Bruce just says he is writing another album. Classy and hard-working.
    you can always tell someones age when they use the term "smoking dope".....iron maiden for life!..... UP THE IRONS!
    A Matter of Life and Death is favorite album. Hopefully they'll write more progressive-ish songs!
    He's not kidding around with that beer remark. Apparently they consumed (probably with quite a few roadies helping, of course) over 50,000 cans of beer during the World Slavery Tour of 84-85 (344 days)! That would make 143 cans of beer per day, on average.