Buckcherry: New Album Details

2006 marks the return of Buckcherry with their first studio album in four years, Fifteen, out April 11 on Eleven Seven Music.

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2006 marks the return of Buckcherry with their first studio album in four years, "Fifteen," out Apr. 11 on Eleven Seven Music in association with ADA, a Warner Music Group Company, reports antiMUSIC.

After a month-long North American tour, Buckcherry founders lead singer Josh Todd and co-writer/guitarist Keith Nelson as well as three new members -- Xavier Muriel (drums), Stevie D. (guitars) and bassist Jimmy Ashhurst -- will return to Los Angeles with a March residency at The Whisky on March 14, 21 and 28. In addition, the band has been invited to perform at the NCAA Final Four event on April 1 in Indianapolis at the WFBQ/WRBX Budweiser Tourney Tent directly following the first game. Expect the group to debut new material on the road, in addition to performing fan favorites.

When Buckcherry parted ways in 2002 after the demise of DreamWorks Records, the band took the time to reassess their future direction. "We were pulled apart by so many outside forces that took us away from what we set out to do," Nelson explains. Todd and Nelson reunited to play a benefit for the late drummer Randy Castillo, after which they were recruited by Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum to play in the now infamous GN'R project that eventually evolved into Velvet Revolver. "By the end, I was spent dealing with all the egos, I needed some time off," explains Nelson who received a co-writing credit on Velvet Revolver's "Dirty Little Thing."

The duo continued to write songs, explains Todd. "It made us realize how fun it was to be in a band again; we focused on what mattered, the music." Revitalized and inspired after recruiting D., Muriel and Ashhurst, the band recorded "Fifteen" in 15 days. "Buckcherry is a rock 'n' roll band. We wanted to get the vibe back which made us so explosive," says Todd. "We went into the studio and vowed not come out until we had a successful, ass-kicking, career-defining album."

The complete track listing for "Fifteen" is as follows: 01. So Far 02. Next 2 You 03. Out Of Line 04. Everything 05. Carousel 06. Sorry 07. Crazy Bitch 08. Onset 09. Sunshine 10. Brooklyn 11. Broken Glass.

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    I never heard of this band for some reason. Randy Castillo that name sounds familar. I check some of this out.
    they had a song called "lit up" it wasn't a bad tune,I wanna hear the new stuff.
    the song crazy bitch of this new cd...its awesome...their new sound is very unique
    I must forewarn, their new CD is indeed a different sound than their last two. A lot of the songs are more mellow than you may be used to from them, and one song is even on the verge of country.
    I saw them live about 3 weeks ago in Edmonton and man they rocked hard, might have been the worst smelling crowd ever though
    Buckcherry are awesome! Quality guitaring! Crazy bitch and out of line are amazing, wish they would come and tour the UK!