Bullet For My Valentine Announce Album Progress: 'Hope You Like 'Em Heavy'

"New songs coming together nicely," the band states.

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Bullet For My Valentine have issued a brief update regarding the new album, confirming a "heavy" vibe, as well as satisfactory progress.

"New songs coming together nicely. Hope you like em heavy," the post reads, along with a set of devil horns.

As reported, the new album will see the group taking a turn towards their early efforts, steering away from last year's "Temper Temper."

Discussing the "angry record" with Billboard, drummer Michael "Moose" Thomas explained, "It's definitely more of a step towards our first two records. We always like to keep changing our records and our sounds and stuff. I think you have to change, otherwise it gets boring for us and the fans get bored."

Moose continued, "Look at all the great bands through rock history; they changed on all their albums - especially Metallica. Their albums have always changed, and they're the biggest metal band ever. So we just want to keep changing and get to another level each time out."

Back in November, the band premiered a new track "Raising Hell," demonstrating that the return to heavier vibe is definitely on the horizon. You can check out the video below.

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    I feel sorry for the band... they've trying to write The Poison music for the people who keep on whining because they sound like they have sold out. They're writing a heavier album, and people still slag them off. I hope this album is good, they're a good band with too many fans not willing to accept change in their music. Good luck BFMV, you'll need it
    I'm only 20, and I heard them when they released their Hand Of Blood EP. They've been my favorite band ever since that night I heard them, and I've followed and loved everything they've released. I guess you just have to be a true fan and not a "singles" lover.
    Being a "true fan" doesn't mean blindly praising everything they do, that's called zealotry. If you liked everything they put out, because you genuinely liked it, fine. But being a fan does also mean providing the band with feedback and critique about what you liked and what you didn't: as in I liked The Poison and Scream Aim Fire, but albums after that didn't really sound like they were putting their heart into it, and I didn't like the direction they were taking, I'd prefer it if they returned to the sound and style they had on "The Poison", because that was why I got into them. Now they're immitating themselves and no matter how much of a Bullet fan you are, you can't seriously think /all/ of their albums are as good as one another. If you just say "Loved it" to everything they have no idea what they should focus on and what they shouldn't, what if they suddenly decided to start playing some really-dodgy gangsta rap with objectively terrible lyrics and poor musicianship that was all out of time? Would you still say you loved it regardless of it being an complete dogshite of an album, because you're a "true fan"?
    hm, apparantly you can only do one edit, blah: It's not like I even want them to be play "The Poison" retreads for ever, as they certainly need to grow beyond the very tired ground of moaning about girlfriends and women if they ever want to become big league, as it stands Matt is one of four things: 1- a crap lyricist and doesn't know how to write about any other subject matter, 2- is just repeating what he's always done because it sells, 3- just doing the same stuff because out spoken fans with girl issues moan if they do anything else or 4 - doing it because zealous fans just say they love it regardless of quality.
    I thought Waking the demon and disappear were decent songs, but they never broke out of that norm for me to really dig my hands into them. I hope they are making a heavier album because THEY want a heavy album.
    I don't think they wanted to write a heavier album. I remember them saying that this album (yet to be released) may be the last attempt to keep their old fans into them. If not, they will write what they want to write, which will be music like the album Temper Temper (I'm not too sure, this was old news).
    I'm not sure if there just trying to 're-write The Poison', I personally just think with the feedback they got from the fans on Temper Temper they agreed thinking 'hey you know, I miss writing fast, heavy music'. So I still think they are writing this record for themselves and not just doing it to please the fans, at least I hope.
    If it sounded remotely like the poison i'd give them a chance but given how bad the last (three? IDK I stopped listening after Fever).
    "Raising Hell" is better that anything from "Temper Temper," but they have to do something with that vocal effect.
    Meh, I have zero hopes for them.
    Me too. They will never be the same. I only have faith on trivium (hardcore bands only)
    I'm not gonna down vote you because I am really not sure if you're trolling or really think, Trivium is hardcore..
    I know i'm gonna get down voted to hell for this, but when Trivium's drummer left, it feels as if they haven't been the same either. In Waves drove me nuts, I can't stand the new drummer.
    paulstfu · Jul 30, 2014 12:48 PM
    Hopefully they get redeemed because I stopped listening to them all together after that album.
    Their bassist's screams are pretty weak sounding here but hey you never know, the track wasn't half bad
    The Poison: Excellent Scream Aim Fire: Very Good Fever: Good Teh last album was indeed awful, but Raising Hell was actually pretty good, not saying they have to do another Poison, but im sure these guys still have a lot to bring on the table. I'll be expecting this
    So... would not skip the song if it were to be playing somewhere but I also would not go out of my way to actively seek it out.
    Guns N' Chains
    That's how I feel too. It's okay. Definitely better than anything from Temper Temper. I've lost interest in the band. Was one of my favorites about 4-5 years ago. However, I still absolutely love Scream Aim Fire. Killer album.
    They should issue an apology instead for writing lyrics that sound like they were penned by a 15 year old boy in a black trench coat. These guys are now in their 30s I believe, or at least getting close to it and their last album had songs with names like "temper temper" and shit. Have bands like Mastodon or even Opeth and Tool NOT proven that you can make mature sounding metal music that's still COOL to listen to or something? There's no difference between these dinks and Fred Durst screaming about breaking shit and pussy almost 15 years ago.
    Normally bands that have been around for 16 years have more than 4 albums.
    Audible Warfare
    16 years? Try 10.
    Actually they have been around for 16 years. They formed in 1998, originally called Jeff Killed John and they were a nu-metal band! Look them up on YouTube and you can listen to some tracks from their 4-song demo from the JKJ era. Some of those tunes you'll actually recognize as Bullet songs, as they re-recorded some of the JKJ tracks in their newer style after they changed musical direction in the early 2000s. In their nu-metal era they did have a different bass player, but the current one joined in 2003, so he appears on all of the albums under the BFMV moniker.
    changed their direction because nu metal wasn't cool anymore, this is how you can separate good metal bands from the bad ones, since it seems all the bad ones do this with little exception.
    To bad these guys are about as heavy as helium. I guess they're moving up to oxygen rock?
    "Oh this is gonna be so heavy!" Fuck that shit, that statement is ridiculous.
    One person's definition of "heavy" is different from another's. Your statement is equally ridiculous.
    There were some good tunes on Fever, some good tunes on Scream Aim Fire as well. Couldn't even bring myself to try the last one, such was the negativity. Here's hoping the next one is better received!
    Their bassist's screams are pretty weak sounding here but hey you never know, the track wasn't half bad
    Firewind Raging
    That producer who hates auto-tune would probably have something to say about this! I just think it's a bit lame, Michael Padget should just get a new band.
    Man I used to love these guys. They were my guilty pleasure band. That last album was do bad tho I don't even care anymore
    That is a pretty close-minded view point. Bands sometimes fail at releasing an album. Not every album is going to be instant gold. But to give up on them after 1 album is pretty childish. Now if they F'ck up this album, I'd say you have more of a reason to distance yourself from them. All bands have a "bad" album or two.
    Fever was good Simple but catchy ! Temper Temper is simply worst album ever .