Bullet for My Valentine Announce New Album Producer: 'We Wanted Someone to Go 'It's Not Metal Enough''

Band confirms working with Terry Date (Pantera, Deftones). "We're gonna have a bonding session," says Matt Tuck.

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Bullet for My Valentine have confirmed working with the renowned producer Terry Date, known for his work with metal icons Pantera and Deftones. "We're actually going to start working on the new record before the arena dates," frontman Matt Tuck told Rock Sound. "We've got Terry Date coming over from America, we'd like to work with him, he'd like to work with us so we're gonna have a bonding session, write a couple of songs and see how it goes." The band previously revealed their intentions to "go a lot heavier" with the new studio effort, and the latest statements only confirm such stance. "We want someone to go 'it's not big enough' or 'it's not metal enough' and keep us focused on our talents," Tuck added. "We want a different mindset this time and having someone focus us that way will be good." The frontman then focused on the new material, but didn't want to reveal too much info. "We've got four or five song ideas down as we've been recording on the road," he said. "I don't want people to get something in their heads from my description of what we've got but it's riff after riff after riff after riff so far.

"We're very much concentrating on musical ability, we're showing off basically!" he added. "We pulled back a bit from it on the last couple of records, on this one if we do work with Terry Date I think it'll be a no-holds barred display of what we're about." Matt previously revealed the band's intention to bring back the thrash metal element and "kind of go 'Master of Puppets'-y Instead of cutting the songs down and making them simple, we wanna make them really complicated next time," he told EMP Rock Invasion. Photo is the courtesy of Frank Ralph.

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    Hopefully this album won't suck. These guys are too talented to keep pushing albums like their last two. Poison was a great album. It'd be nice for them to take a step in that direction.
    It's funny because It took me until now to realize just how good The Poison really was. I was always a fan of 'Scream Aim Fire and Fever the most. Seeing them live and seeing them play some songs from The Poison really changed my perspective. In my opinion though I'd say them "taking their foot of the gas a bit" as Matt said a while back, was a good thing. Especially after Temper Temper, going back to what makes Bullet so awesome is going to really please everyone!!
    I love the Poison. Scream Aim Fire wasn't as good but still had a lot of awesome songs. I thought Fever's awesome songs were better than Scream Aim Fire's (for the most part), but the non-awesome songs were awful, but this last album was pitiful. There's a reason I haven't bought it yet.
    They can only go up after Temper Temper I guess!
    It wasn't thaat bad. It was just depressing when they had such awesome intros to songs like Dirty Little Secret but then got all super light in the verse! Temper Temper had some high highs like Breaking Point and Truth Hurts!!
    Bullet is my guilty pleasure. They really did it for me with the Poison and Scream Aim Fire. And I would love to hear a more show off album, like trivium doing shogun. They are all great musicians. looking forward to the new effort. Even though I gave temper temper a miss. It dissapointed me a little less than All that remains last development took
    good i'm glad some one brought up Shogun...instantly after I read the line "We're very much concentrating on musical ability, we're showing off basically!" I was like Oh maybe this will be their Shogun
    If theyre gr8 musicians, and half of their releases 'really did it for me', I dont get y they're a guilty pleasure? They're still a gr8 band, who hav released some good songs in the last 2 albums. Just saying, tho I may hav misunderstood u =)
    God whats up with these guys and Avenged Sevenfold and they're fetish for wanting to be Metallica, both bands can't go one interview without comparing themselves to Metallica.
    These guys wear metallica shirts while playing live 24/7. Don't forget that the newest metal bands are 100% influenced by metallica. Maybe even more then sabbath or pantera or other metal acts.
    And metallica hav influenced so many other bands. I dont get it, as long as you're not copying their music and saying its yours, wats wrong with wanting to b like another, successful, band? As long as ppl like courtney love isnt ur inspiration, it shud b fine
    Metallica aren't mentioned in the article?
    Master of Puppet-y is a metallica refernce last time I checked
    In ANOTHER article. These guys dont compare themselves to Metallica, they use their famous record MASTER OF PUPPETS as a guide for their next album, which will never be a bad thing.
    ''We Wanted Someone to Go 'It's Not Metal Enough'' Hey why not hire Avenged Sevenfold?
    I'll admit that there last two albums weren't the best. Though here is to a great return from BFMV. **Clank Mugs**
    They aren't that bad, but after Temper Temper, they probably do need a talk of how they want to do things. Personally, I support the "Puppets" influence. If they want to make their version of it (or at least their "Shogun"), let it rip. Or, let them SCREAM AIM FIRE!!! heh heh
    They've been going downhill album by album. Scream Aim Fire was by NO means bad.. but it wasn't The Poison. Fever was just radio rock. Temper Temper made me wanna vomit my own shit... They need to step up their game
    The Poison and Scream Aim Fire are pretty much on the same level imo, though don't go exactly into the same direction. Fever and Temper Temper were also on the same level, I guess. That level is so much lower than their first records' but still not worth vomitting shit... (again: imo) seriously... where do you get ideas like that from O.o
    I truly loved Bullet during the Poison and SAF days, hell, The Poison was one of my starting points into metal, but the last two records have really been sub-par material to build a larger fan base. I understand that any band would want that and likely needs it in this musical environment. I can't see the new album being much of a departure from that mindset however, unless they actually do have some type of musical integrity and will literally say "**** you new fans, we do what we want." I could only dream of a Puppets/Shogun Bullet album.
    Their past couple albums sucked. If there's even a HINT of truth in this, I might change my perspective of them. If the next album is as crappy as I fear, forever douchebags.
    Sweet, they finally realized that no one wanted to hear the crap they were pushing after scream aim fire. They really shot themselves in the foot with the last two albums, they went from something to nothing really quick. Maybe they'll pick it up again.
    Don't quote me on numbers, but I'm fairly certain that each album they've put out sold more copies than the previous effort. Therefore, they actually went from nothing to something.