Bullet for My Valentine Announce New Album Producer: 'We Wanted Someone to Go 'It's Not Metal Enough''

artist: Bullet for My Valentine date: 10/23/2013 category: new releases
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Bullet for My Valentine Announce New Album Producer: 'We Wanted Someone to Go 'It's Not Metal Enough''
Bullet for My Valentine have confirmed working with the renowned producer Terry Date, known for his work with metal icons Pantera and Deftones. "We're actually going to start working on the new record before the arena dates," frontman Matt Tuck told Rock Sound. "We've got Terry Date coming over from America, we'd like to work with him, he'd like to work with us so we're gonna have a bonding session, write a couple of songs and see how it goes." The band previously revealed their intentions to "go a lot heavier" with the new studio effort, and the latest statements only confirm such stance. "We want someone to go 'it's not big enough' or 'it's not metal enough' and keep us focused on our talents," Tuck added. "We want a different mindset this time and having someone focus us that way will be good." The frontman then focused on the new material, but didn't want to reveal too much info. "We've got four or five song ideas down as we've been recording on the road," he said. "I don't want people to get something in their heads from my description of what we've got but it's riff after riff after riff after riff so far.

"We're very much concentrating on musical ability, we're showing off basically!"
he added. "We pulled back a bit from it on the last couple of records, on this one if we do work with Terry Date I think it'll be a no-holds barred display of what we're about." Matt previously revealed the band's intention to bring back the thrash metal element and "kind of go 'Master of Puppets'-y Instead of cutting the songs down and making them simple, we wanna make them really complicated next time," he told EMP Rock Invasion. Photo is the courtesy of Frank Ralph.
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