Bullet for My Valentine Looking to 'Go A Lot Heavier' With New Album

"We wanna kind of go 'Master Of Puppets-y,'" says frontman Matt Tuck.

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UK metallers Bullet for My Valentine recently discussed their plans about the new record, expressing desire to get back to more metal-oriented complex sound.

"Basically, we're gonna go a lot heavier next time," frontman Matt Tuck stated during an EMP Rock Invasion interview. "We just think we've kind of done what we wanted to do with [producer] Don [Gilmore]. We just don't wanna do the same thing again. So now we kind of went from heavy to kind of thrashy to kind of hard rock records."

He continued, "And now we wanna kind of bring a bit more of a thrash metal element back into the sound, really. We wanna kind of go 'Master of Puppets'-y. Instead of cutting the songs down and making them simple, we wanna make them really complicated next time."

When asked about the less aggressive vibe and tone of the latest BFMV record "Temper Temper," Tuck replied: "Our goal was just to kind of work on a different way of writing songs, really, which is backing off tempos and making them a bit less complicated and just writing a simple rock song, really. So that was kind of the theory behind it."

"Temper Temper" dropped back in February via RCA Records as the fourth studio effort in the group's opus. With 44,000 copies sold in the US within the first week, it landed at No. 13 on the Billboard 200 chart. Prior to the official release, the album was announced with title track and "Riot" singles.

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    Just like EVERY rock-based band says before their album drops...
    Sewage Rat
    You probably thought that the album would be a lot heavier...NOPE just Chuck Testa
    The only band ever to ACTUALLY GET HEAVIER with their new albums was Pantera. Also, I'm not big on the line about going "master of puppets-y"...there is only one Master of Puppets...
    chevelle got heavier with each album until sci-fi crimes came out (but i still like it alot)
    metallica wannabes
    One of their main influences is Metallica! Of course they're going to take a leaf out of Metallica's book. Moron!
    Let's just hope they don't pay attention to either the leaf that involves collaborating with Lou Reed or taking until 2015 at the earliest to release an album
    Bfmv is one of those bands that at one point me and my metal friends all enjoyed. Now they r an embarrassment, and Matt tuck is right up there with Ivan moody and Fred durst as worst lyricists ever
    Any change of direction at all would be welcome at this point. The Poison, their first album, at least had some teeth to go with the catchy melodies. Since then, in my eyes, they have failed to mature or fulfil any of that early potential.
    "looking to 'go a lot heavier' with the new album" when you'll find the inspiration to open a new album with songs like "Her Voice Resides" you'll have again my attention...
    The Poison was a great album. Scream Aim Fire was decent. But the rest have continually gone down hill. One thing about this band though...they can write some killer guitar solos when they put their mind to it. So much potential... they just don't use it enough.
    How about... maintain your own tone and try to make another album like S.A.F
    The Poison was BY FAR their best piece of work. SAF sucked. Not many memorable songs except for 2-3 and this is from a band that I considered my favorite after listening to The Poison and seeing them live. Fever was worse. And don't get me started on Temper Temper. I've been greatly disappointed by a band that I once considered my favorite. They just keep losing quality with each album
    I actually agree with you. The poison had a certain "umph" to it that scream aim fire lacked. I feel like everyone's forgetting the day that they released scream aim fire (video) and it was like... this is the same band that made the poison?
    Well, maybe one of the reasons y they're goin heavier is cos their voices hav healed. Dont forget, Matt and the bassist (shoot me for not knowin his name...) but had truble. Hopefully we'll hear bettr/mor screams in this album
    Moose. Axewound was better than temper, temper. We're talking about a band that decided "hey, we've had some awesome commercial success... Let's do an entire album thats radio ready. Short songs with super cliche lyrics that anyone can relate to. Radio edit the format so that they dont have to cut the solos but add lots of cuss words so rhat we still sound edgy... Great success!" Fail. The Poision, SAF and even Fever were decent but I feel like I'm too old to listen to temper, temper because its written for 14 year olds. I didnt find a solid track. If I'm wrong please list the good ones so I can go back and feel like a dunce.
    I think you need to listen to it a few times... that's what I did and now my favourite song on that album changes everytime as I always hear something different that I like on it.
    I thought that album was pretty terrible. I can honestly say that there was not a single decent song on Scream Aim Fire.
    I thought that was their best album. It's the least emo-ey.
    I agree that it is the least emo album, and I'm not a fan of emo music, but I don't think an album being not emo is enough for it to be considered good. Just my opinions, though.
    Are you fan of Bullet? I agree it wasn't as good as "The Poison", but I thought it was still pretty solid.
    I liked "The Poison" a lot, but I don't enjoy anything after that album. I just think all the lyrics are pretty cliche metal on that album. I guess in all reality that doesn't make me a fan though. Didn't mean to poo on opinions up there, though, just adding my thoughts.
    Scream Aim Fire is very good album and there are excellent songs on it.
    I really wouldn't call any BFMV album 'very good'. The Poison was tolerable, SAF was poor and their last two albums are some of the worst metal albums I've ever heard.
    i loved these guys with their first two releases, but the last two were so bad, i cant bring myself to listen to ANY of their stuff anymore.
    This band wants to be Metallica SO bad that its kind of becoming sad. No matter what you play...just be yourself dude.
    Wasn't their last album supposed to be along the lines of Metallica's self titled in their words? Definitely get what you mean here.
    Stopped listening after Scream Aim Fire, so much potential flushed down the toilet. I honestly hope they can get heavier again, maybe pick up where they left off with SAF, just for god sakes don't make another fever or temper temper. Then I can only hope that All that Remains will follow the same path and go metal again.
    Dude All That Remains is so embarrassing now, holy shit. I did NOT see that coming after The Fall Of Ideals.
    I'm digging All That Remains sound right now it's mature and not a complete shot to the fans respect. I will say if they make another Fever I'm done with these guys.
    I would welcome back their heavier sound. Their last two albums have been huge disappointments. I know they'll probably never go back to The Poison sound, but if they can make a heavier version of SAF, I'll jump back on their bandwagon.
    I couldn't even listen to Fever or Temper Temper without shaking my head. I don't know what producer said it sounded good, but he should be run out of town with pitchforks.
    I know who said this: Lostprophets. When they released Liberation transmission with Bob Rock as a producer,the band affirmed that the album was intended to be their own "master of puppets". You probably have heard the album and know the results. PS: I always liked lostprophets as a band and don't dislike liberation trasmission at all. As a previous user said above : "Just like EVERY rock-based band says before their album drops..."
    I liked BFMV's first two albums. Even Fever was decent. I haven't listened to Temper Temper yet...
    I don't think the problem is the kind of album they wanted to make last time with Temper Temper, I think they're just running out of inspiration. They have lots of potential, but they are definitely lacking of creativity.