Bush Set Release Date For New Album

Bush are set to debut a brand new album "The Sea Of Memories" on September 13th.

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For the first time since their 2002 disbandment, Bush is back.

The Gavin Rossdale-led band, perhaps best known for a string of wildly successful '90s hits including "Glycerine" and "Machinehead," are set to debut a brand new album on September 13 - with a few changes.

"The Sea Of Memories" will be released on their very own Zuma Rock Records through an exclusive partnership with eOne music. Having sold millions of albums during their time with Interscope, "The Sea Of Memories" marks the band's first indie release.

Two new faces join the group, as well. Opting not to return, bassist Dave Parsons and guitarist Nigel Pulsford have been replaced by Corey Britz and Chris Traynor respectively.

"The Sea Of Memories" will include tracks like "The Sound Of Winter", "The Heart Of The Matter" and "All Night Doctors", featuring guitar heavy melodies combined with simple song structure and layers of rich texture. Producing the album is Bob Rock, who has worked previously with Aerosmith and Metallica, and aims to deliver the same level of classic Bush intensity with a fresh sound.

"When making music, you have a choice to repeat what you've done or move on", said frontman Rossdale. "It would've been safe to just rework 'Sixteen Stone' over and over, but what kind of life would that be? When you're driving down the road, you're focused on what's in front of you; you don't really think to keep checking in your rear view mirror. I like the idea of changing, developing and morphing."

The band is currently finalizing plans for a fall tour, but will kick off their comeback with a performance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" July 21. Additionally, they have scheduled performances at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City for July 28 (for which tickets sold out in less than one minute) and at the Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles on August 20.

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    Wow can't believe no one has commented on this yet, figured there be plenty of bashing Bob Rock...
    They released a song last year titled Afterlife that was good, this shall be good as Bush were one of the best bands of their era.
    Epi g-310
    Youriguitar wrote: Obama ftw! xd
    I died. OT: This should be fun. Can't wait.
    Good grunge band... i don't understand why all the nineties band have to go on huge 'reunion' tours when there's only one or two original members. i'll still buy the album though
    Razorblade Suitcase was their best work, if they can top that with their new album, I would be pleased
    A Nirvana rip-off band that turned out to be pretty good. Check out the video for "Everythings Zen" and see Rossdale dressed like a Cobain wannabee. Thought he was good in Constantine though...
    "Glycerine" and "Machinehead", two songs I hope I never have to hear again, thanks to radio saturation. Having said that, I always thought their guitarist was awful, so I'm glad to hear they have someone else.
    aghhh I love Bush, one of my favorite bands of the 90s, but I can't stand Bob Rock. He compresses the shit out of everything which works for some genres of music but definitely not Bush.
    nirvanarules888 wrote: This is ****ing awesome news, grunge is coming back to bad Kurt is still not around RIP
    ~"still"~ ...don't get your hopes up... i heard he won't be back for a while
    I hope this will be good, some of the album titles kinda throw me off. I mean other then using Avenged Sevenfold Foo Fighters and Don Henley song titles, you see The Sound of Winter which sounds like a title Enya would use, and wth "All Night Doctors?" What kind of title is that? Still hope the album exceeds expectations, last 2 songs were kinda meh..
    oh and on a side note.. I thought "Everything Always Now" was a great album title.. why did they change it?
    Definitely miss Bush's material. Sure every album after Sixteen Stone never truly captured that debut glory but I've liked a lot of stuff along the way. I'm happy Gavin is deciding not to go down the "Super Pop" route anymore. Hopefully, he doesn't do a Gwen and release crap when re-organizing. I'll miss Nigel though.
    Good news. I always thought that Golden State was their best album and was disappointed that their career seemed to had ended after it.
    coheed_kyle08 wrote: This is actually exciting news.
    No its not. Gavin's a has been.....
    It would be great news, I used to be a big fan of this band around Razorblade Suitcase. But I've heard a track off the new album, it sounds almost like Emo. And I don't mean Brian Emo. I fear it's going to be a disappointment.
    masterofsandman wrote: Wow can't believe no one has commented on this yet, figured there be plenty of bashing Bob Rock...
    i think its because everyone got tired of promoting crappy bands because of them bashing. cmon do you realy think justin b. would be as popular as he is now without the trolls
    I wonder what the original band members are doing these days to turn this down. Seems like there's a high earning potential from this.
    haha the obama comment, but i love Bush i've wanted to see them live and meow i'll finally get the chance...
    Loved Sixteen Stone, Bush is a decent band...but I still gotta laugh everytime I hear their name...kinda like Orgy...lol
    sixteen stone was probably there best in my opinion i wore that cd out.having new band members will be interesting to see the result
    I am interested to hear this. I'm wondering what it is going to sound like without Pulsford. He had a cool way of mixing in slide guitar with Bush's sound.
    Have any of you guys heard Rossdale's solo album from a couple years back? I liked Bush but his solo stuff was awful from what I heard. Really soft simply structured pop (rock?) music. It's obviously not my thing, maybe some of you guys like it, but if the new Bush album sounds anything like that, I will not be interested.
    It's nice to see Bush back making music...I loved every one of their cd's (except Deconstructed)...I thought that was a waste of money and a waste of a cd turning their hits into techno crap! I'm excited to hear what the new album will sound like,hopefully more like Sixteen Stone and Razorblade Suitcase then Gavin Rossdale's solo effort "Wanderlust"...the only good song that got my attention was Love Remains The Same...I never really gave it a good listen though...I also liked half of the Institute record as well.So it should be exciting to see what Gavin has in store for the new album...Afterlife took awhile to get used too but after long I was singing the chorus in my head...it's a catchy tune.Happy Bush is back!!