Cake Working On New Album

artist: Cake date: 10/16/2009 category: new releases
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Cake is writing, rehearsing and recording its new album entirely with solar power, according to a press release. The group's decision to utilize the power of the sun was made for both artistic and environmental reasons. "It just seemed like the right thing to do," lead vocalist John McCrea said in a statement. "I believe in science, and science is telling us that we need to make adjustments. Living in California, it seemed like a waste not to take advantage of all the free electricity." Cake, which Billboard recently honored as one of the Top 10 greenest bands on the planet, converted their entire Sacramento, CA, recording studio to solar power. The band documented their move from the city's energy grid in a video posted at the group's website. The band is giving members of its mailing list a preview of the new album by releasing a set of free ring tones, each based on a song from the upcoming set. The first of six ring tones, titled "Long Time," became available last Tuesday (10/13), with a new tone "e-blasted" to all mailing list members every six weeks until the album's Spring 2010 release. The mailing-list sign-up can be accessed via the band's website. Thanks for the report to
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