Candlemass: DVD Details Revealed

Sweden's own Candlemass perform at a recent show filmed in Kolingsborg in their home country.

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The following update was posted on the Peaceville Records website:

"For this very special release, Sweden's own Candlemass perform at a recent show filmed in Kolingsborg in their home country, as a celebration of 20 years of the band's doomination of the metal world. This set features guest appearances from members of acts such as Therion & Grand Magus, also including Michael Akerfeldt from Opeth who joins the band onstage for a storming rendition of 'At the Gallows End'; all contributing to a set-list spanning the band's career to date.

"The show was used as a live unveiling of new member Robert Lowe (from Solitude Aeturnus) - replacement for departing vocalist Messiah Marcolin. Fans flew in from all over Europe, even as far as Australia to catch this momentous occasion for a night of melodic/heavy doom metal.

"Candlemass has built a very long and prosperous career since their classic album, 1986's 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus' and are cited as great influences on current leaders of the doom metal genre such as Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride.

"The DVD includes band interviews and a whole load of additional footage, coming in at over 3 hours of top doom metal from this most celebrated of acts."

20 Year Anniversary Party tracklisting [cover]:

01. The Dying Illusion 02. Dark Are The Veils Of Death 03. Where The Runes Still Speak 04. Ebony Throne 05. Well Of Souls 06. Black Dwarf 07. At The Gallows End 08. Demonia 6 09. Samarithan 10. Mirror Mirror 11. Crystal Ball 12. Demons Gate 13. Under The Oak 14. A Sorcerers Pledge 15. Witches 16. Bullfest 17. Solitude

Extras: 50 minute special with backstage footage & interviews

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