Cedric Bixler-Zavala Reveals Post Mars Volta Solo Album Plans

"Be warned, I'm not making a rock record," he claims.

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Cedric Bixler-Zavala has confirmed that he is working on a solo album following the end of The Mars Volta earlier this year.

Bixler-Zavala dissolved the group after his longtime bandmate Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, with whom he has worked since being in At The Drive-In, started a new band Bosnian Rainbows. Despite railing against the guitarist working with others and comparing him to a cheating wife in an official statement, Bixler-Zavala has laid down three tracks for a solo album that he began work on while The Mars Volta were still together NME reports.

As revealed through his Twitter account, Bixler-Zavala told fans that he has just finished tracking three songs for a forthcoming solo LP. The frontman went on to state that he is working with producer Noah Georgeson, who has previously worked with Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom. The album will also be made with help from the Mars Volta's Juan Alderete, plus Jonny Polonsky of Axis Of Justice and Megapuss' Gregory Rogove.

Tweeting about the album, Bixler Zavala told his followers that the release would include: "Lots of desert ballad space jams, lots of harmonies, lots of lap steel and piano. Lots of AM radio love songs. Short bitter sweet love songs. Be warned I'm not making a rock record. It might lightly rock but not like I'm known for."

Meanwhile, At The Drive-In will reissue both their "Relationship Of Command" and "Acrobatic Tenement" albums later this year.

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    Can't wait to hear this - should help heal the wound that the TMV split caused!
    Cant wait to hear it. Im a huge fan of his. I love his other project Anywhere as well as all his work with Omar.
    I was pulled in the immediate second he said "Desert ballad space jams."