Chevelle: 'Hats Off To The Bull' Track Listing, Artwork Revealed

Chicago alternative hard rock trio Chevelle will release it sixth album, "Hats Off To The Bull", on December 6 via Epic Records.

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According to, Chicago alternative hard rock trio Chevelle will release it sixth album, "Hats Off To The Bull", on December 6 via Epic Records.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Face To The Floor 02. Same Old Trip 03. Ruse 04. The Meddler 05. Piñata 06. Envy 07. Hats Off To The Bull 08. Arise 09. Revenge 10. Prima Donna 11. Clones

The album's first single, "Face To The Floor", with its hypnotic, grinding riff, is one of the most explosive songs of the band's career. The track - which rails against the corporate corruption of Bernie Madoff and Wall Street - debuted at #2 on the iTunes Rock Singles chart the week of release.

"It's an angry song," revealed lead singer Pete Loeffler. "The lyrics are about all the people who have been taken advantage of. I reference Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme. He raked people over the coals, stole and is a terrible person. One day, these people have everything, and the next day it's completely gone."

Chevelle will celebrate the release of "Hats Off To The Bull" with an appearance Thursday, December 8 on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

This past summer, Chevelle hunkered down in a Los Angeles studio with producer Joe Barresi (Queens Of The Stone Age, Coheed And Cambria). During the sessions, nothing was off limits, and boundaries were non-existent. Rather than simply subscribing to a tried-and-true formula, they made a conscious effort to incorporate new sounds and textures into their patented airtight anthems. As a result, "Hats Off To The Bull" is one of the group's most infectious and impressive offerings to date.

"We're a melodic hard rock band, but we wanted to expand on what that means. It's really important to be aware of what you've done already", said drummer and Pete's brother Sam Loeffler. "We never want to write the same song twice. Pete writes 300 days a year. Joe encouraged us to try different instruments and techniques and he pushed us to continually play everything until it was right too. There are so many nuances as a result." Those nuances come through loud and clear as a talk box echoes through the hard-hitting title track, reverb adds schizophrenic vitality to "The Meddler", and an organ colors the acoustic "Won't Be Left Out" with ethereal flourishes.

Hear new song "Face To The Floor" at this location.

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    I've loved everything these guys have done with the exception of Vena Sera... Something about that album just didn't quite click with me. Still very pumped about this one
    how is chevelle never front page news? they are way better than most other crap out there. love the new single, but then again, i've loved everything they did.
    won't be left out? what is that some store exclusive or something cause its not on the track listing
    love chevelle...totally underrated band if you ask me. New album should be sick.