Chickenfoot Reissuing Debut Album With Bonus Tracks

artist: Chickenfoot date: 08/30/2012 category: new releases
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Chickenfoot Reissuing Debut Album With Bonus Tracks
Chickenfoot have announced that they will be re-releasing their debut album this fall. Due October 16, the updated project will be issued as a deluxe double-disc version that will feature live tracks recorded on the band's "Different Devil" tour this past spring while supporting its sophomore album, "Chickenfoot III." "Chickenfoot" will always be special to me for exactly what it is," says singer Sammy Hagar. "Our former label went out of business and the album had been discontinued. You could not find the album anywhere, which is crazy! We got the masters back and our new label will re-release the first album and we thought we should include some live tracks from "Chickenfoot lll'." "Chickenfoot" was originally released in June of 2009, introducing the new supergroup of Hagar, guitarist Joe Satriani, bassist Michael Anthony and drummer Chad Smith. "Chickenfoot" deluxe reissue: Disc 1 01. Avienda Revolution 02. Soap On A Rope 03. Sexy Little Thing 04. Oh Yeah 05. Runnin Out 06. Get It Up 07. Down The Drain 08. My Kinda Girl 09. Learning To Fall 10. Turnin Left 11. Future Is The Past Disc 2 01. Bitten By The Wolf 02. Lighten Up (live in Chicago May 12, 2012) 03. Big Foot (live in Seattle June 6, 2012) 04. Last Temptation (live in Seattle June 6, 2012) 05. Something Going Wrong (live in Boston May 16, 2012)
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