Children of Bodom Premiere 'Transference' Music Video

Finnish metallers unchain new video single off the upcoming record "Halo of Blood."

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Popular Finnish metallers Children of Bodom have officially unchained the video for their recently premiered single "Transference" off the upcoming record "Halo of Blood."

Due on June 11, the new album will mark the eighth release in the group's catalogue, the first one since 2011's "Relentless Reckless Forever."

Starting off with an ominous intro, the tune quickly turns into a blast fest, pounding out strong drum beats accompanied by screeching guitars and Alexi Laiho's signature growling voice. The band delivers a handful of their classic sound here, and with a distinctive lead guitar line stretching throughout the entire track and a monster riff in the bridge, they clearly manage to deliver.

Overall, we have a solid track here with good performances all around. Speaking of which, make sure not to skip the guitar and keyboard solo part, as you'll miss nifty tricks galore. If you're a Bodom fan, you'll definitely need to check this one out, and even if you're not, we recommend at least taking a quick peak, as the song has easily earned a firm thumbs up in our book.

"'Transference' has an evil vibe to it which I wish I knew how to explain because it still gives me chills," commented Laiho via official website. "This is one of our favorite tracks from the new album. Enjoy!"

The group's previous effort, "Relentless Reckless Forever," saw its release back in March 2011, also via Nuclear Blast Records. With a total length if just over 35 minutes, it managed to debut at No. 42 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    Face R1pper
    Its definitely not as good as the stuff from the early albums, but its still listenable. I would like to have the keyboards doing a bit more. But I might actually listen to the rest of this album to see if its any better than the last few.
    The intro gave me high hopes but it sounds like they've found a formula. I love that each album of theirs is new and different but always keeping an element of the previous one, but that verse was boring as hell. We need to see more keys in the riffs and not so much just any old melody on the top of the chorus and having trouble thinking of what to write for the verses. Hopefully the album will shine in comparison to this.
    My personal favorite musically was Are You Dead Yet. I think their older stuff has things worth mention but Alexi's scream has only improved and gotten clearer I think. And the man is super talented with writing music, it is on the most part creative
    I always try to like CoB despite Alexi's vocals, but this just sounded like any bog standard European power metal band with growls instead of singing.
    dude gotta agree with you, as talented as cob are musician wise, the vocals are a let down each time
    Not even close to the Follow the Reaper/Hate Crew Deathroll/Are You Dead Yet era, but still pretty solid IMO.
    There are many ways to doze off without sleeping pills - this video is one of them.
    I'm sorry but this really is a poor song. Bodom have been churning out the same mediocre rubbish since Are You Dead Yet. Any thing up to and including Follow the Reaper/Hatecrew Deathroll were brilliant, those albums were truly incredible and I loved CoB but they just seemed to go down him sense then. The intro was cool but after that, it was the same rubbish as found on Relentless Reckless Forever and Blooddrunk. Bodom, go and listen to your first 4 albums and write something like that
    Completely agree. They have became so generic that it is so hard to believe that they were as creative as they were in the first 4 albums. I really wanted to like Are you dead yet onward but i feel like i have to take a massive step back in order to do so. I think i will give this album a pass too.