Children of Bodom Record Fastest Song Ever

Their new album also features the slowest song in the history of the band, according to guitarist Alex Laiho.

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Children of Bodom have pushed themselves harder than ever on their eighth studio album "Halo of Blood," with guitarist Alexi Laiho calling one of the tracks "the fastest song in the history of the band."

But this is an album of extremes, and the album balances the speed of that particular track with the slowest song in their catalog.

"The title track, in my opinion, is the fastest song in the history of the band," Laiho tells Premier Guitar. "It's basically like blast beats throughout the song. Another song, called 'Dead Man's Hand on You,' is by far the slowest song in the history of the band. That was definitely something we'd never done before.

"None of this was thought out or plannedeverything just happened naturally. It was definitely a challenge for us to do something like that but I think we did a pretty good job."

Laiho goes on to talk about how he approaches all the guitar solos on the record, which apparently come to him in the heat of the moment. "I improvise them on the spot," he says. "I like to keep things fresh and spontaneous sounding when I do solos. I usually don't like to write anything beforehand."

Listen to "Transference" from the new Children of Bodom album "Halo of Blood" here:

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    'Fastest Song Ever!' sounds a lot cooler than 'fastest song in the history of the band'.
    When I read the headline, I thought "HOLY CRAP! Someone beat Napalm Death?"
    I liked that on facbook and now I look like a dick seeing as I only just saw the article
    Enough with the misleading titles, whoever does that ruins UG
    You clicked on it and paid for an ad twice by commenting. Mission accomplished, I'd say!
    Exactly. I honestly never woulda clicked on this if the title wasn't so misleading
    He didn't say that they aren't doing they're job right. Just that people who read the articles don't want to be given misleading titles only to be disappointed when they actually read the article.
    Right? lol im suprised i havent seen an article like " dave mustaine is from the future" or some crazy stuff
    Didn't you hear? Terminator is based on his life story. They just missed out the Metallica/Megadeth thing, for some reason. I think it was because it would be hard to cut it down to fit in the length of a movie.
    They also have the third one, which they didn't mention... The song with the most average tempo in the history of the band!
    And yet indeed another misleading title by Ultimate-Guitar. I can hardly take their journalistic roles seriousy this way.
    Coming to UG for quality journalism is like going to a Cannibal Corpse concert to hear power ballads.
    None of you are reading this right, It said. The "title track" is the fastest ever. Halo of blood. You just listened to 'transference' (not the fastest or slowest track, just normal). This songs pretty standard with their older stuff, this should have some decent support. At least it's not dubstep.
    "At least it's not dubstep" That's like saying, "Well, at least my head and legs are still here" right after my arm has been cut off.
    I can laugh at Dubstep. Children of Boredom just makes me sad.
    Why would you write an article about the band's fastest song ever... and then embed a completely different song?
    Fuck blast beats. Theyre ****ing boring.
    dudududududududududududududududududududududududududududududu dududududududu-snare-dudududududududududududududududu I agree. It's boring as shit.
    Black Hazard
    I say they're ****ing annoying, especially when they go on forever. I will change the song because of that.
    not unless they're played with constant perfection and not half-assed. that shit's hard.
    The title of this article is misleading, but it's still obvious what it's supposed to mean. On another note, Children Of Bodom are awesome.
    link no1
    It's obvious after you read the article but on first glance it's obvious most, if not all people, thought this was a record breaking thing rather than "fastest song in the history of the band".
    \m/ \m/ \m/ RAWR! teh fastur teh sung is mens it betr becuz teh br00talz! \m/ \m/ \m/
    "Their new album also features the slowest album in the history of the band, according to guitarist Alex Laiho." We already know you can't be assed to proof-read the articles, but can you at least check the goddamn headline?
    What Alexi says: "I improvise them on the spot. I like to keep things fresh and spontaneous sounding when I do solos. I usually don't like to write anything beforehand." What Alexi means: "I'm too intoxicated to write interesting solos anymore, so I just play some fast garbage and call it a day."
    Where's the complexity? Where are the intricate melodies? Where are the blasting riffs? Where are all the things that used to make me love Children of Bodom? I at least hope they're selling records.
    I wasn't the biggest fan of Reckless Relentless Fever... So I'm really looking forward to hearing this album. Though the 'Fastest Song Ever' doesn't really bode to well for a long listening... Hopefully the slower one goes for 10 minutes or so to help even things out a bit.
    that songs clocks in at just less than 5 minutes unfortunatley
    the song is pretty nice so some of us are expecting this album but PLEASE no more of these quotes!!! it's like saying nothing really
    I know they're sort of a legendary metal band, but at some point this type of metal just starts to all blend together to me. Then again, I'm not really into this kind of music.
    Agreed, I much prefer their older sound, follow the reaper are you dead yet, their harder crunching guitars made it feel like they were playing live in the album, their new sound is too clean I think, makes it feel like there's holes in their songs that weren't there before, still love them though
    They're very cheesy metal though. One could go so far as to suggest they're a pop band with metal aesthetics lol! If you want quality metal, don't go looking for COB, but if you want cheese and fun, then why not!
    'Fastest Song Ever'... well, that sounds 'promising' which I mean 'absolutely awful'
    Anyone think Alexi looks like Noel Fielding/Vince Noir?
    To the people who think the embedded video is the song laiho was talking about, he mentioned that the album title track is the fastest. Also, this song is kind of... Dead.... In a bad way.
    The linked song is shit. Utterly generic. Never understood the love for these guys to be honest. They're just so tame and bland.
    With this song, I will agree with you. But their older albums are pretty awesome. Specifically, Follow the Reaper and Hatecrew. They changed their style from fast neoclassical guitar riffs to the more mainstream chugging in drop C (I realize this song is in D standard but still, same formula). Kinda sucks.
    "Its SO fast, and I'm SO uninterested!" Whatever it is, it probably lacks substance and sounds soul-less and JUST like the stuff from their first album. These guys haven't changed and probably never will. They'll just continue to pump out crap that 17 year old boys jerk their guitars off to. I'd love to hear if any of them can SING for once, rather then scream like their d*cks are caught in a trap. And some ACOUSTIC melodies would be nice for once too.
    If you listen to Children of Bodom for acoustic melodies you're doing it wrong.
    link no1
    They have changed quite a bit actually, more than most metal bands do. It also doesn't matter if they sing or not, if you don't like it then don't listen to it, simple. Acoustic melodies don't really matter either. I couldn't really care either way if they had some or not.
    For guitarists on this page, I am appalled at how lazy some people are. To get pissed off at 'mis-leading' titles. Seriously, did it take that much to click on it that it pisses you off to take 30 seconds of your time. With that attitude, can imagine a lot of poor guitarists with the level of laziness....or maybe the quality is really high due to the fact that a wasted 30 seconds that could be spent on practise. Hmmmmm, I need to re-think my life.
    It's still not faster than Metallica's Fight fire with fire
    And Fight Fire with Fire isn't as fast as War Ensemble by Slayer. And War Ensemble isn't as fast as Serial Killer by Macabre And Serial Killer isn't as fast as Shark Attack by Wehrmacht. The list can go on and on into forever. And you really decided to use Fight Fire with Fire as the height of speed in Metal?
    well so far everyones missing the point that transference isn't the so called fastest song on the album. the article just says the titled track, "Halo of Blood" is the fastest song on there. They just dont have any audio of it available yet so UG is just saying listen to their new song transference. a completely different song then the mentioned "fastest song" i do agree with some of u that their earlier albums were way better and the new stuff just seems to clean. i think the thing is they're more focused on the guitar because i cant really hear anything in the background just guitar and drums so they probably turned alot of stuff down.
    New song is a step up from RRF, in my opinion. Hoping the rest of the album is better, though.
    I seriously am still surprised at how I'm the only person who seems to dislike this band.
    Children Of Bodom have gone downhill, what happened to them?? I recall awesome compositions like Lake Bodom or Bed Of Razors. Now they don't put those awesome lead guitars and thrilling keyboard passages. Kalmah in the other hand are doing way better (yeah I don't like to compare bands too much but since both are from finland and both are melodic death metal)
    If we really where searching for the fastest normal metal song, I'd say Lucifer Incestus by Belphegor is pretty damn close, atleast if you don't count gravity blasts (double time). Fastest Kicks would be The Choosen Legacy by Dimmu, but that's faked anyways.
    'Ugly' was pretty ****ing fast, and that's probably not even the fastest song in their current catalogue. I'll be curious to see how it sounds...
    So it's faster than those speedcore "songs" that play upwards of thousands of BPM? Oh, wait, not the fastest song ever, fastest song of their career. Next...
    Honestly, this doesn't sound like their fastest song. Doesn't sound like their typical fast song either. Silent Night Bodom Night would be a bit better candidate.