Children of Bodom Record Fastest Song Ever

artist: Children of Bodom date: 05/17/2013 category: new releases
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Children of Bodom Record Fastest Song Ever
Children of Bodom have pushed themselves harder than ever on their eighth studio album "Halo of Blood," with guitarist Alexi Laiho calling one of the tracks "the fastest song in the history of the band." But this is an album of extremes, and the album balances the speed of that particular track with the slowest song in their catalog. "The title track, in my opinion, is the fastest song in the history of the band," Laiho tells Premier Guitar. "It's basically like blast beats throughout the song. Another song, called 'Dead Man's Hand on You,' is by far the slowest song in the history of the band. That was definitely something we'd never done before. "None of this was thought out or plannedeverything just happened naturally. It was definitely a challenge for us to do something like that but I think we did a pretty good job." Laiho goes on to talk about how he approaches all the guitar solos on the record, which apparently come to him in the heat of the moment. "I improvise them on the spot," he says. "I like to keep things fresh and spontaneous sounding when I do solos. I usually don't like to write anything beforehand." Listen to "Transference" from the new Children of Bodom album "Halo of Blood" here:
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