Chris Broderick on New Megadeth Record: 'I Think It's Awesome Because It's So Diverse'

Guitarist praises the diversity of "Super Collider," saying that fans are bound to appreciate the group's new material.

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Guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover of metal titans Megadeth took some time to discuss the band's upcoming record "Super Collider," naming its diversity as what they like the most.

Prior to recent performance in Romania on May 22, the two sat down with Info Music and gave some personal thoughts on the entire album.

"I think it's awesome because it's so diverse," Broderick said. "I'm kind of tired of getting a CD where you fast forward from song to song and it sounds like the last song. And this particular CD, it's got stuff that has more of a rock vibe, all the way to something that has a very thrash vibe like 'Kingmaker.'

"That's the kind of diversity I really like in a CD, and that's what I think fans would appreciate about this CD."

Drover fully agreed with the guitarist, adding, "Every Megadeth album sounds different, and this is no different than that. We have different kinds of metal songs, some are faster and heavier and some are a little more accessible.

"We're just trying to make the best songs we can. All records turn out different from the other one. But for me, it's a lot of great songs, so we're pretty happy about it," drummer concluded.

While discussing the special guest appearances on the record, Drover gave a clear confirmation that despite the rumors, country legend Willie Nelson will not be appearing on the album. He has however pointed out that he heard some of the material Disturbed frontman David Draiman recorded, adding that it "sounds really cool."

"Dave saw Willie when he was in Texas and I guess the idea was brought up and nothing never came of it, but [it] would have been interesting."

Previously announced with title track single and "Kingmaker," "Super Collider" will be officially unleashed on June 4 via frontman Dave Mustaine's own Universal-powered record label Tradecraft. The group has recently also filmed a video for the title track which is set to drop sometime in the near future.

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    I like diversity. Megadeth can come with something good...or awfull. I'll be interesting.
    Second Rate
    Sorry Chris, but if there's one thing I've learned in my years as a thrash fan... it is that when thrash bands say the word "diversity," they really mean "radio friendly garbage written to pander to the lowest common denominator."
    Dear Mr. Broderik, From what I have heard on this album thus far, your talent is being wasted. Please join Jeef Loomis on his shred-capades. You should be melting faces, and taming Dragons with your music!
    I read a Terrorizer review of it, apparently its a 2/5 mid tempo country chug-a-thon.
    Don't chug too much cause it might make you throw up.....
    I don't want any more diversity... that's been going on since Cryptic Writings I want good, old school frash til deff MEGADETH!
    "That's the kind of diversity I really like in a CD, and that's what I think fans would appreciate about this CD." I don't appreciate that :/
    How can a band consider themselves as diverse when every song/album sounds just like the one before....
    Dave's lost his mind and finally the music is following. Megadeth was my favorite band for years, but honestly, the last three albums just sucked. Go ahead and crucify me, but Endgame was boring as all hell.
    Really? I thought Endgame was pretty cool as was United Abominations! I do agree that 13 and the two tracks from Super Collider were...meh.
    My Last Words
    I completely agree. Now, if you will excuse me, I will refrain myself from this comment section before the downvotes will rain upon us!
    End Game was pretty good. I mean sure it sounded like most of the previous albums, but it certainly had more balls and gusto to it. 13...well, it was meh. and I said before, so far Super Collider is bleh
    Endgame did indeed kind of suck. It was generic, overly produced sounding, and unmemorable -- like all of their records since the 90's (besides The System Has Failed, that one was a notch above due to the Poland solos). This Day We Fight is pretty good, but it isn't a "great" album like some fans try to make it. It's decent at best.
    The 'Super Collider' single is boring at best, it isn't even a decent rock song, it just plain sucks
    Song Previews
    That "Burn baby burn" part was just awkward to listen to coming from Dave lol
    I'll say it has a Cryptic Writing/System has failed vibe to it. Its not thrash, but it ain't as poppy as risk. So its definately a good album if you're aware Megadeth is a hard rock band now, and not a thrash band.