Christopher Lee Explains Second Metal Album

Movie icon Sir Christopher Lee releases his second metal album "Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death" on May 27.

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Sir Christopher Lee, legendary british actor, promises that his upcoming studio album will be "definitely heavy metal."

"Star Wars" and "Lord of the Rings" star recently revealed that he will release "Charlemagne: The Omens of Death" to celebrate his 91st birthday. It follows "Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross," which came out in 2010 and won him a Metal Hammer Golden Gods award, an event he describes as "the most amazing occasion." But, according to his own words, the new record is more metal than the previous one.

"The first 'Charlemagne' album is metal, of course, but what I sang was more symphonic," he told Classic Rock. "'The Omens Of Death' is one hundred percent heavy metal. I've done my bits and pieces, and they are heavy metal. I'm not screaming or anything like that, but it is definitely heavy metal."

The music was arranged by Richie Faulkner just before he replaced KK Downing in Judas Priest. "Most of the songs were already there," says the guitarist.

"But they needed riffs, drum parts and musical parts that reflected what the guys wanted which was a metal record with an aim to be played live by a band. Some of the tracks didn't have any music at all and were just Sir Christopher singing his melodies. I remember how surreal it was sitting in my place at the time with Saruman blasting out over the speakers! I've no idea what the neighbours thought!"

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    Valar Morghulis
    Can he be more awesome ?
    WWII soldier, key character in award-winning film AND metal musician. Yep, it's hard to beat the old man.
    Upon his death it turns out he is the owner of the only real lightsaber in the world, given to him by Gandalf (Ian McKellen is a real wizard)...
    Well, he did pretty much go up to Peter Jackson while filming the backstabbing scene in Lord of the Rings and point out that no, that is not the sound someone makes while getting stabbed in the back. A sound he apparently knows from personal experience.
    "Most of the songs were already there," x "But they needed riffs, drum parts and musical parts that reflected what the guys wanted." Oh, okay than..
    A song is lyrics and a melody, which it is stated that Christopher Lee provided
    Cool album concept, and what I heard I liked, though I disliked the extensive use of a "regular" vocalist on choruses and such. Still amazingly awesome that he would even think to do this!
    I wouldn't really call the first album metal. It's more like classical with a distorted guitar, and some drums, tossed in every now and then.
    Classical style arrangements played with distorted guitar? That's what a lot of metal is, or is at least based on
    Let's face it. He can do no wrong. The man is simply too awesome. He should make a bonus album, consisting solely of epic speeches in that badass voice of his. I'd burn down the Shire for that.