CKY To Release B-Sides & Rarities

artist: CKY date: 03/01/2011 category: new releases
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CKY To Release B-Sides & Rarities
CKY has announced the release of B-Sides & Rarities on March 22nd through Mighty Loud Entertainment and Fontana/Universal. The 12-song compilation features a dozen unreleased, rare, and long out-of-print tracks culled from the historic past of a band that truly has done whatever they wanted for 15 years, without compromise. Drummer Jess Margera shared, "We picked a lot of the songs based on our fans' wishes. For instance, at CKY shows over the years, one of the most shouted-out requests has been Shippensburg,' which is a song we recorded in 1997 for a skateboarding video. And by far the most requested songs on the Internet over the years have been To All of You,' the acoustic version and the heavy recording of Halfway House'. We wanted to properly mix and master these out-of-print songs and get them back out there and also record some of the stuff people have been asking us to do for over a decade." The album opener "Afterworld" continues CKY's long affiliation with the Jackass crew. The tune is the end credits theme for Jackass 3D, soon to be released on DVD following its 10/15/10 theatrical release, and was previously available on the film soundtrack. Margera reflects, "It was cool working with the Jackass dudes again. They asked us to write a song specifically for the Jackass 3D movie which ended up being Afterworld.' They liked the song so much they decided to use it for the ending of the film." Track listing: 01. Afterworld 02. Rio Bravo (Radio Session) 03. Shippensburg 04. Halfway House (Original Version) 05. Chad's In Hi-Fi 06. Santa's Coming 07. Fat Fuck 08. Deepest Depths 09. Rio Bravo (Remix) 10. Don't Hold Your Breath (Acoustic) 11. Halfway House 12. To All Of You (Acoustic)
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