Coldplay Announced New Album

The band just tweeted the title, release date and new single stream.

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Coldplay revealed the title, release date and the first single off their upcoming sixth album.

Titled "Ghost Stories," the record is due to be released on May 19. The band also premiered the first single off it, "Magic."

The band earlier has posted the new track, "Midnight," alongside with it's video. It's also taken from "Ghost Stories."

Listen to "Magic" and see the album cover ant tracklist alongside with the single artwork below.

"Ghost Stories" tracklist:

1. Always in My Head
2. Magic
3. Ink
4. True Love
5. Midnight
6. Another's Arms
7. Oceans8. A Sky Full of Stars9. O

YouTube preview picture

Our new album, Ghost Stories, is out on 19 May. Listen to the first single, Magic, now at

- Coldplay (@coldplay) March 3, 2014

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    Regardless of the band, I never set a final opinion based on the first listen, unless it's mindblowingly good right off the bat. I don't know what to think of this song, perhaps I will enjoy it later on, perhaps I will despise it, or perhaps I will remain indifferent. Main point is that I will wait and see - Not immediatly reject, nor embrace it, but let my opinion slowly form. With that said, I won't deny I'm curious to what this new sound will be like as a whole. Also, if you're the type that feels the need to write "Don't care" as a comment, please **** off - If you actually didn't care, you wouldn't have clicked the link and gone down to the comment section to exclusively write that. Contribute to the conversation, or do something else that is more productive than filling up space with your redudant irrelevance to the subject.
    The shame with bands like Coldplay is that 99%-ish of people will end up despising the song because of rubbish radio-DJ's churning the everlasting crap out of it until you never want to hear it again.
    Don't see why people feel the need to slam these guys, just because they're not grunting and screaming doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. I'm all for a rocking solo, but I can appreciate a bit of Coldplay too.
    why does everybody have to hate on good bands? yeah, its a different sound. get over yourselves and enjoy the music.
    My favorite albums from Coldplay are "Parachutes" and "A Rush of Blood to the Head."
    This is what makes the new album an interesting. I was never moved by Coldplay. Then Viva La Vida, which just knocked me on my bum the first time. Unbelieveable album to completely shake off all pre-conceptions of a band. Looking forward to another new direction...
    Great sounding song. Don't love it as much as I do Midnight but this album is looking to be a sonic masterpiece. Cannot wait
    I like this. Feels like a much calmer vibe than the last couple albums. Diggin it
    I wish they did an album with songs such as 'Major Minus'. This sounds like it has potential but alot of their new music seems to be build slowly, which can be frustrating.
    nobody cares
    How lovely of you to take the time out of your day to declare that nobody cares to show how much you really don't care. Like, the fact that you really felt you had to click on the article and write that really shows that you couldn't care less...not even if you just didn't bother commenting and didn't click on the article and went on with your life, which any regular non-caring person would do.
    I prefer the other track they just released. This reminds me of their other material, minus the drums sounds.
    Not really caring for Magic... Midnight was interesting though. Saw them on tour in 2012 and thought they were great.
    I can't really say I enjoy Magic, haven't heard Midnight yet. The artwork looks quite phenomenal though.