Coldplay Hide Lyrics to New Album in Library Books Around the World

artist: Coldplay date: 04/29/2014 category: new releases
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Coldplay Hide Lyrics to New Album in Library Books Around the World

Coldplay have hidden envelopes containing frontman Chris Martin's handwritten song lyrics for new album "Ghost Stories" in libraries around the world.

Fans of the band must try and find the lyric sheets via instructions from the official Coldplay Twitter. The lyrics will be hidden in ghost story books in libraries in nine countries, located across the planet. As each one is discovered, a photo of the lyric sheet will be posted, for all of the band's fans to see.

One of the hidden envelopes also contains a special Golden Ticket, containing travel and tickets to see the band perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London on July 1.

Three of nine sheets are found already, no Golden Ticket yet. The fans have discovered the lyrics for "Magic," "Another's Arms" and "Always in My Head." See the full traclkist below.

"Ghost Stories" is Coldplay's sixth album and will be released on May 19. The album sees the band working with producer Paul Epworth for the first time, plus revisiting regular collaborators Jon Hopkins, Rik Simpson and Dan Green. Epworth produced much of Adele's hugely successful album "21" and has also worked with Paul McCartney, Friendly Fires, Bruno Mars and Florence + the Machine.

"Ghost Stories" tracklist:

1) Always in My Head
2) Magic
3) Ink
4) True Love
5) Midnight
6) Another's Arms
7) Oceans
8) A Sky Full of Stars
9) O

Tracks "Always in My Head," "Magic," "Another's Arms" and "Midnight" were played at this year's iTunes SXSW at Austin, while "Oceans" was performed at BBC 1 Live Lounge earlier this month. Meanwhile, the full album was performed at the intimate LA gig. It has been revealed later that the footage of the performance will be available with the deluxe version of the album.

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