Coldplay Released Two New Tracks Off 'Ghost Stories'

Avicii-produced "A Sky Full of Stars" serves as the next single while "Always in My Head" features Apple Martin's vocals.

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Coldplay have shared two new tunes off their new album, "Ghost Stories."

The Avicii produced track "A Sky Full of Stars" follows the previously released "Magic" and will be available to download on May 3. The second revealed track is the album opener, "Always in My Head," premiered during the most recent Chris Martin's appearance at Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show.

Coldplay frontman took part in an in-depth interview, in which he spoke about working with Avicii and about how he felt like he was cheating on the band when he asked Avicii to play piano on the track. He also said that the band's new album "Ghost Stories" was "42 minutes on an emotional treadmill." The singer said that "although it starts off seeming like a heartbreak record" the album is actually about realisation and acceptance.

For example, according to Martin, "Always in My Head" explores a theme of "togetherness through life's challenges," a fitting motif considering the band recruited its sound engineer to help create the synth sounds and Martin's own daughter Apple to provide back-up vocals. Though the synth and reverb lend a slight sense of foreboding, Martin's hushed croon is a bright, almost glowing emotional core amid the ginormous soundscape.

Hear the both tracks below (via NME and Ultimate Music respectively).

The band announced earlier, they had hidden envelopes containing frontman Chris Martin's handwritten song lyrics in libraries around the world. Fans of the band can try and find the lyric sheets via instructions from the official Coldplay Twitter account. As each one is discovered, a photo of the lyric sheet will be posted online, for all of the band's fans to see. One of the hidden envelopes also contains a special Golden Ticket, containing travel and tickets to see the band perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London on July 1, one of a handful of special gigs to launch the album.

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    It's a little worrisome. It'd maybe be half decent if it didn't have the ridiculous pop production.
    Key info in that article. His daughter is called Apple. Yeah my son's called Avocado, nice to meet you.
    Knew this was going to get hate. I personally think it's a pretty good song, will be great as a live song. People give shit to Avicii because his last album was shit, but this type of sound is the stuff he originally did and although I wasn't a fan, it was still good music.
    It's one song, the rest of the album is not like this. Calm down.