Compos Mentis Reveals Final Album Artwork

Danish melodic death metallers Compos Mentis have revealed the final album work for their upcoming album.

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Danish melodic death metallers Compos Mentis recently asked their fans to select one of two possible cover artwork designs for the band's upcoming album, "Our Kingdom of Decay". Over the course of the past week, many people stated their opinion regarding which artwork they like the most. 59% voted for the legendary figure Holger Danske, whereas only 41% voted for The Little Mermaid, meaning that Holger Danske won the battle.

According to Compos Mentis, "Our Kingdom of Decay" is centered on Denmark and not least certain repressed episodes from the Danish history, thus presenting an interpretation of the country as rootless and nihilist, a country in which the inhabitants are inhibited due to being forced into a specific self-understanding and in the end even the idea of the nation itself is decaying. It is said that Holger Danske is in a deep sleep but that he will awaken in an hour of need to defend Denmark and as such he has become a symbol of a slumbering, national war spirit. However, in his present shape with the arms tied up, not much resistance is left in him, and therefore even the country's last hope is unable to save the nation from decay.

To further underline the album's theme, on June 5 ("Grundlovsdag", or Danish Constitution Day), the band will launch an e-card with samples and a free track from the upcoming CD.

As previously reported, "Our Kingdom of Decay" will be released on June 22 via Strange Ears in Denmark.

Compos Mentis' second album, "Gehennesis", was released in March 2007 via Mighty Music.

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    Boring album cover, looks like they have tried to copy Metallica's - And Justice For All