Corey Taylor: Clown Said There Are 30 Pieces of New Slipknot Music Ready. I Haven't Heard Any of It

"I just am really looking forward to hearing it when I'm allowed to hear it."

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Corey Taylor: Clown Said There Are 30 Pieces of New Slipknot Music Ready. I Haven't Heard Any of It

Corey Taylor was asked by Full Metal Jackie about Clown's recent comments that "there are almost 30 pieces of work written for Slipknot," to which he replied:

"I have no idea. I haven't even heard any of this stuff.

"In true Slipknot fashion, I'm being told through the press that this is all going on. So it is what it is.

"I can guarantee you that it's very creative, I can guarantee you that it's dark. I can guarantee you that it's going to be unlike anything I've ever heard before.

"I know [Clown's] mind, I know Jim [Root]'s mind. I just am really looking forward to hearing it when I'm allowed to hear it."

Back in August, Corey told Hard Drive about the whole matter:

"Apparently, as Clown let me know through the press, things are going on without Corey Taylor.

"So, thanks for that, Clown! Heard you loud and clear. You have my number. I don't know what the hell the problem is.

"Hey man, it's all good. He's really into being a part of the writing process, always has been. Him and Jim have always written very well together.

"The cool thing about that is that once it's time I'll know, and I'll come and I'll hear some stuff.

"It's great being able to hear stuff for the first time. And hearing some stuff I know I've never heard before. I'm excited. We'll see what happens."

The latest Slipknot album, ".5: The Gray Chapter," saw its release back in October 2014.

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    This is so weird and passive-aggressive. Maybe the internal conflict keeps them angry?
    They do this all the time with the press. They talk about lack of communication and shit happening behind each other's backs... and then they praise the person for their talents / who they are straight away afterwards. I personally think it's a tactic they use to get press. Cause drama whilst not actually causing drama. It sure beats what other bands do which is "oh I'm releasing a new album, time to slag someone else off to get attention for it."
    I don't understand Corey at all, it's stirring up shit for no reason at all, what's the problem if Clown and Jim are already writing music for a new album? Isn't it...I don't know...the normal thing to do? At one point everyone will meet up, share all the ideas they've got and form the songs for the next album, or is Clown required to text you everytime they write a new riff or every single drum fill?
    I think it has more to do with the fact that he's the frontman of a highly successful group, so when a member claims that they've been creating a large amount of music, it makes sense to ask the de facto face of the band. He's just saying "yeah they've been working, but they haven't sent it to me, yet." Corey's just having fun with the fact that he's reading news about his own band. And honestly, 30 songs is a big number to have. It's a big difference between "yeah, Jim and I have about 5 riffs we're experimenting with" and "we have 30 specific ideas." Like by the time you're at #30, why not start sending them around?
    If only there was thing for communication,someone should invent email or, facebook or twitter, instagram, google +, phone call, sms, letter, homing pigeon, smoke signals...
    Love the music, but clown is a moron, ever since he took over the art direction for the band (mid AHIG) everything has looked dumb. They probably have a bunch of riffs and demos. 
    " Everybody do me a favor and take these ‘Slipknot’ clickbait ‘news stories’ with a grain of salt. I JUST spoke to the SK guys and I’ll be hearing new music soon. Fuck these damn sites..." - Corey via Twitter
    I'm sure Corey is fooling around and people are blowing it out of proportion. They've been a band for almost 20 years? It's a guess but I'm sure this is not the first time this happened.
    it does sound like there are some tensions in the band all the time, they do not have an easy writing relationship, there is constant tug of war it seems. Maybe thats what works for the final product. Rolling stones - Jagger and Richards can hardly stand eachother as people. Aerosmith has been reeling from infighting since time immemorial. Deftones' history is characterised by tensions between Chino and Stephen Carpenter. As long as the art gains from the creative tension it is all good. But toxic levels of acrimony is never positive.
    I suppose they see each other as colleagues instead of friends. They work together and get things done. That's not how I approach my band, but if it works for them, that's ok.
    That's because he doesn't shut up long enough for anyone to get anything else in.  Big necked gump
    Anders Colsefini heard the tracks though!  Next article: "Corey Taylor heard via Press that his former band Slipknot is on tour with ex members".
    They'd be better off with a new singer that doesn't bitch when his band writes music. I'm sure Maynard would kick him in the balls for this, oh boohoo your band wrote you music without any supervision, what a fucking travesty.