Corey Taylor: Slipknot Album Is Two Years Away

Corey Taylor has a rough timeline worked out in his head for the next Slipknot album - and he says it's still quite far off.

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Although he's still deeply immersed in the promotion and touring cycle for Stone Sour's double album, "House Of Gold And Bones", singer Corey Taylor has a rough timeline worked out in his head for the next Slipknot album - and he told The Pulse Of Radio [via Blabbermouth] it's still quite far off.

"Essentially, I want to start looking at putting demos together for Slipknot fall of 2014, to go in the studio in 2015 and start making an album. So it's gonna be a while," he said.

Taylor told Loudwire that Slipknot will play five festival shows this year, all overseas, and that other, unnamed members of the band are "getting healthy and trying to stay healthy," although he did not go into detail.

He mentioned a similar timeline in that interview as well, saying that the band would begin demoing material in late 2014.

Slipknot's last U.S. performances were its own Knotfest shows, which took place last August in Council Bluffs, Iowa and Somerset, Wisconsin.

Slipknot bassist Paul Gray died in May 2010 from an overdose of drugs - a devastating tragedy which brought the other members of the band closer together and helped them reconnect after they grew apart through years of touring and success.

"We had all stretched ourselves into different lives for the most part, and then we lost Paul," Taylor told DesMoinesRegister.Com in August. "It was such a shock to us that it made us sit up and look at what we were doing with our lives and how we were toward each other. We were so close in the beginning, then for whatever reason we all drifted apart here and there.

"Losing someone like that, a great friend and an amazing brother - someone who is so important to the band in so many ways - you start to look at what you take for granted."

Gray made his final recorded appearance on Slipknot's 2008 album, "All Hope Is Gone", which was certified platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) in August 2010 for shipments in excess of one million copes in the United States - the band's fourth consecutive full-length release to achieve the milestone.

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    This is either going to be really dark and good or, due to a major songwriter missing, not the best. Either way I'm looking forward to it.
    matteo cubano
    I think All Hope is Gone was great personally, new, different, but really good. But let's be honest, Corey no longer wants to wear a mask, he wants his face everywhere. That's not a bad thing, I would too. But Slipknot was for angry, existential youth, not working and healthy adults. And most importantly I don't believe Corey's voice can handle a Slipknot album and tour cycle unless they pull a Linkin Park or Avenged Sevenfold and go strictly singing. I'd be happy if they finished strong with AHIG, instead of pulling something forced like Disturbed's last piece of shit album.
    I'm cautiously optimistic. I doubt they'll return to the hardcore anger of the self titled album, but something along the lines of Vol. 3 with darker lyrics could be pretty cool.
    Lets face it, corey taylor has been rich and famous for the last 10 or so years, hes just got nothing to be angry about anymore
    I've lost all hype with Slipknot. All Hope Is Gone wasn't exactly their best, and it'll be a six year gap until the next. And even then, Corey doesn't seem like he's got the aggression needed for Slipknot to make a grand comeback that all Slipknot, Iowa, and even Vol. 3 fans want. Edit: And I don't want an album of Dead Memory's.
    Goth JR
    Yeah, I miss that pure pissed off sound of the early Slipknot.
    Then listen to the early Slipknot, whats the point of making a "new" identical album? Slipknot gets that, it's exiting to see what they come up with next!
    Because I've been listening to the same crap for 8 years.
    If they make a new album that sounds like the old album, you'll still be listening to the same crap.
    Would it be the "same crap" if they've stuck to a different sound since 2004, and then changing it to a darker, meaner side? No. Making the same music from 1999-2001, changing it during 2004-2014, and then going back to their roots would be welcomed by basically all Slipknot fans.
    I was just wondering where these Slipknot album stories had gone.
    give me the masked number 8 known as corey. iowa days. not acoustic playing xmas song singing corey taylor. f stone sour. f corey unplugged. opinion. cheers.
    At least Corey's saying that there'll be an album. I bloody hope that they wo't deny this again... But yeah, another Iowa-like album, or the debut album, would be great. Nu-metal is coming back (specially with Korn and Mudvayne making comebacks).
    Mudvayne aren't making a comeback. They're on hiatus and their last album hardly got any attention.
    Well, there's news that after, i think,the guitarist finishes an album for another band, they're back. 2014 possibly.
    This is gonna be one of those things where a band disappears for over a decade, releases an overhyped new album, and completely embarrases themselves. The event should then be swept under the carpet and the band remain disbanded for the rest of their lives. I say should because Guns n Roses is still together.
    Give me IOWA or give me nothing.
    The songs they right with actual depth and meaning are wasted on you. At least they would be if you actually listened to their last two albums.
    i seen them last year and corey is an awesome performer... they did metal mayhem and they were 1 of the best bands there that year.. now the getting softer happens with every band... i mean look at 5FDP.. They went from the way of the fist to the bleeding... and they are polar opposites...
    Finally! The last 3 years he hasn't even known wether or not to continue doing albums with slipknot!