Corey Taylor Talks Slipknot: 'We're Starting to Feel Like a Family Again'

"As dysfunctional as this band has been in the past, we've always been there for each other," said the singer.

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After confirming that the work on new Slipknot record will kick off in early 2014, frontman Corey Taylor had more good news to share, as he recently revealed that the Iowa metal act finally seems ready to fully get back on track.

As the vocalist told Rolling Stone, the band members are now "on the same page," which should enable them to finally face entering the studio without their late bassist Paul Gray.

"Next year, we're kind of starting to get the machine together, to see what can happen," Taylor said. "It's finally starting to feel like it's time. Not just for me, but for a bunch of guys in the band. We've all come a long way in the last couple of years. We've all started to get our own shit together, and we're starting to feel like a family again, which is huge for us."

The frontman continued, saying, "As dysfunctional as this band has been in the past, we've always been there for each other. And we're really starting to reflect that now. So I think since we're all on the same page, it's going to make it a little easier to think about going into a studio and making new music without Paul. And that was one of the biggest things just not wanting to really face it.

"But I think it's really starting to get close to being the right time," he concluded. "I think next year is finally going to be time to do that."

The latest Slipknot studio effort, "All Hope is Gone," dropped back in August 2008 via Roadrunner Records as the group's fourth record. With just under 240,000 copies sold in the US within the first week, it peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.


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    Kinda cautiously ridiculously excited about this. can't wait for the new album, and just hope it lives up to the inevitable super hype that will come.
    Lee Makky
    They should let the new bassist on stage. Anyone good enough to fill Pauls shoes deserve some credit.
    Here's to hoping they either keep that guy as bassist, and give him his OWN number, and let him play like a member of the band, instead of hiding him backstage.
    That's the whole point of it though, Paul will always be their bassist, and they don't give him his own number because that would be like replacing Paul to them. It's not like he wants to come on stage and they're like "no way dude", he understands what they're doing and why they're doing it.
    he doesn't have to be official member but in every other band/act touring musicians are given the respect to go on stage as they're playing the music which people have come to see be played.
    Korn had their stand in guitar player stand in like a pen behind them for what? 10 years? Some bands just don't want to fill that spot on stage. (even though they wrote an album full of digging songs about the very same guitar player whose spot they wouldn't let anyone stand in) So for all the promo pics and everything, even recording, Korn only had one guitar player. but they had no problem showing the drummer off. He became a member of the band. So who knows. New album = awesome. Hope it's kick ass.
    New Tool, Slipknot and possibly Alter Bridge in 2014 . . . Awesome
    Korn, Scar the martyr, Devil Wears Prada, Seether, Rise Against, etc. This year, and future years, are looking positive
    Who plays bass for them? Is it one of the other members or do they have a touring bassist? Edit: just checked and it looks like their original bassist is touring with them
    Yeah, he was actually their original guitarist but left for religious reasons, then got replaced by Mick. It's actually really cool that they were able to get him back.
    Retire number 2 and make the new guy number 10? You gotta move on in life. But they should do whatever feels comfortable to them.
    I think they should assign the current bass player a new number, so hes not replacing Paul but is rightfully getting the recognition he deserves, let him feed off the audience and other members to give us the best performance he can
    Not a fan of Slipknot's music but it's good to see at least some bands are going to continue together.