Corrosion of Conformity Entering Studio Next Week

Band teases return to studio on Facebook.

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Corrosion of Conformity have teased that they are going back into the studio via a post on Facebook. The band posted the following image on November 16th, along with the note "In ten days it's back to work in the studio…" The band are currently working on their as-yet-untitled 9th album, which they have been writing since the beginning of this year. The last record released by the band was the five-track EP "Megalodon," which came out in November 2012. Speaking to Revolver about Megalodon before it's release, guitarist Woody Weatherman had the following to say: "It's totally done, mixed and mastered, and we just got finished with it this past week. And I think it's coming out in about three or four weeks. "It's a pretty quick turnaround, which is unusual in this day and age, but they can do it, they can make it happen... We did that in our hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, which is kind of nice, to be able to hang around in town and not have to go out somewhere, go to L.A. or New York. Sometimes it's nice to record at home. You get a little better vibe. Plus I got to use all of my own gear. So it was fun."

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    We need Pepper Keenan back in Corrosion!
    They are garbage w/o pepper IMO.
    Flying Afros
    You do realize Pepper joined about 7/8 years into the bands career? Pepper is one of my favorite guitarists/singers, but I saw the CoC 3-piece lineup about a year or so ago here in NOLA, and they killed it. Pepper also came out and played a song or two with them
    not really garbage I liked the stuff before Pepper joined/started singing, but that last album did nothing for me. I'd rather have Pepper in DOWN if he can't/won't do both. Kirk made a choice and if Pepper leaves, that's most likely the end of Down.
    Crowbar, Down, Testament and now C.O.C. are gonna have new releases. Can't f*cking wait!! Last EP was killer. Wish Pepper would come back but this lineup has proven they can still write solid stuff. Woody Weatherman is also one of the most underrated lead guitarists in rock/metal. Looks like 2014 is gonna be an awesome year!!!
    ^No we don't. Don't get me wrong, I love the stuff with Pepper, but without him they're just as solid. Listen to the self titled album, you won't be disappointed.
    Happy to hear. I really like their stuff from the 90's. Clean My Wounds is on heavy rotation on my phone.