Could 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' Be the Last Alice in Chains Record?

Guitarist Jerry Cantrell says he could "rest happily" if the new record turns out to be their last one.

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Alice in Chains mainman Jerry Cantrell has recently stated that he would have no problem with the forthcoming release "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" being the group's final record. In an exclusive chat with Jack Osbourne on Fuse TV, guitar mastermind discussed the new album alongside drummer Sean Kinney, saying that "it's amazing they are making music" considering all the things the group has gone through.

"We've obviously come through a lot since we started playing again. We've come a long way. We're just trying to feel out where we are and do what feels right. I look at every record like it's your last. We know pretty well how final things can be. It's amazing we're making music after all the things we've been through. I can rest happily with this being the last record, if that's what it was."

The rest of the interview also shows the duo discussing the current state of music industry, with the drummer saying that he's been waiting for a music revolution that never came.

"I've been waiting for that new revolution where a whole generation would come together round some type of music. It doesn't seem to have happened."

Meanwhile, the band has ripped the stage during their recent 3-song performance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show. Apart from two fresh singles, "Stone" and "Hollow," the group also delivered a classic tune "Man in a Box."

With the very first "Stone" beat, the band basically tore the stage apart, making it ever so clear that they're back with that massive sludge riff. The four-piece proves they are in great shape with one of their biggest hits, "Man in a Box," featuring some top-quality vocal performance. Finally, AIC drops yet another bomb with "Hollow." A monster of a riff and a slightly faster tempo marked the end of their performance, making it clear that Alice in Chains are the band you'll be wanting to hear live, as they are about to kick off their latest US tour on April 25 in Miami Beach, Florida.

"The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here," is ready to hit the stores on May on May 28 via Virgin/EMI Records. As the group's fifth release, it's the second one to feature vocalist William DuVall.

Watch the interview with Cantrell/Kennedy and band performance at Jimmy Kimmel live below.

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    UG HEADLINE: Jerry Cantrell is dying! Says Jerry Cantrell in a recent interview, "I'm dying to release this record, man. Its took a lot of time to complete." Audience response: WTF? UG needs a good slam
    "Watch the interview with Cantrell/Kennedy and band performance at Jimmy Kimmel live below." Kinney!!!!!
    Oh well, I was gonna post Michael from The Office yelling "NOOOO GOD PLEASE NO", then I realized UG just twisted another quote. Nice one, mates.
    The way I understood it is: they try to make every album as good as they possibly can so they'd still be happy with it even if it turned out to be their last. If you're going to read that as calling it quits than every album since Facelift could have been their last
    Is it just me or does anyone notice how now a days people rather have their phone out taking pictures/videos at live performances rather than LISTENING to the performance...everyone looks DEAD as shit. If we're talking a revolution the first decree should be to punch phones out of peoples hands at rock shows! yes o I'm such a bad guy boo whoo! its sickening really to watch no one feel the music...MOVE A LITTLE!
    The cellphone behavior at concerts is annoying. The last concert I went to I was the only guy moving. Everyone else had their phone out. At one point I started singing lyrics and a guy, talking on his phone, turned around and asked if I mind. WTF has happened?
    HA!!! Well done. I said the EXACT same thing to my wife. Man I miss the metal crowds of the 80s.
    So because they aren't moving...then they aren't listening to the concert.....riiiiight. Who really cares as long as you enjoy the music?
    watch the first youtube-clip. UG clearly over exaggerates artist's words just to get your attention with a spooky title. BTW... nice one UG, you got me with this one.
    Ughhh I wish UG would quit pulling this s*** and just give us truth.. once again fishing for shock replies. Well on the contrary.. I'm glad it's may not be the last because they are one of my favorite bands even without layne and it would suck if they called it quits.
    Holy crap. The new singer sucks in those vids! What a disgrace to Layne...
    I hope its not their last record. AIC is an amazing band that took a LONG TIME off and has come back strong.
    DuVall's a great singer but man, he messed up Man In The Box a bit. The new songs are pretty damn awesome though.
    Welcome to live music, where not every bit of every performance is perfect every time. Also, DuVall is cooler than a polar bear.
    no one could do better on "man in the box" my friend
    No one could do better? I was in Vegas in the summer of '07 and I saw a cover band do better. At least their singer did not struggle during the chorus. I like Duvall, and he's definitely a better guitar player than Layne ever was, but him doing "Man in a Box" just sounds like karaoke as opposed to the real AIC.
    That's nice. But DuVall hardly made it sound like karaoke. Also, you do realize that, after singing for several songs, it can be hard to then sing a song that challenges your voice. He did a fine job, all things considered.
    Well if it's hard for him then he shouldn't sing it, don't you agree? The thing is, there's no grit in his voice, so when he goes for the high notes he "tightens" his throat instead of singing from the diaphragm to try to "imitate" how Layne sounded. Check out 2:54 in the clip and you'll hear his voice cracking because of this. There's definitely singers out there who can sing that part without struggling, Duvall just isn't one of them.
    Why should he "imitate" Layne? I doubt the band hired him just to be some half-assed copycat vocalist. Yeh, it sounded awesome the way Layne used to sing it, but I like how William sings it too
    I didn't say he should imitate Layne. I said he does imitate Layne.
    I'm not gonna watch the video, but every first day choir student knows you're supposed to sing from the gut, or, diaphram, as you put it.
    iscreamicecream · Apr 12, 2013 07:17 PM
    Still waiting for the Alice in Chains,Pearl jam,Soundgarden tour..... one day
    SICK vocals on Man in the Box. Will just won me over, he belongs.
    "Stone" has such a nice edge to it. I have a feeling this album is going to be a masterpiece!!
    DVRd Kimmel to see AIC - "Stone" was pretty uninspiring. Hopefully the rest of the disc is better (no I haven't heard it yet.)
    sorry people but the new guy is better than layne staley..get over it
    I am as big a fan of DuVall as the next guy, but what you said is punishable by death in most states. There is no one better than Layne.
    Disagree. He just has this following cause he's dead. Happened with Heath Ledger too. Duvall does a great job and should be recognized for it and not compared. I would dare say, Jerry Cantrell was more AiC than Layne simply because he's a writing force to be reckoned with. Vocals are replaceable no matter how good, but Jerry affects the whole sound overall.
    Sorry AAAaaayyy!, but simply appreciating AiC is better than comparisons. Get over it.
    Ur such an idiot. Lemme guess ur probably one of the people excited about the avril/Manson collaboration as well right?
    Why? Because I believe that a bunch of other rock singers can sound similar to Layne (case in point duvall and Jerry cantrell) which only solidifies my point that Cantrell is more AIC than Layne. He does all their harmonizing parts and write most if not all their music. Probably a fair amount of lyrics too. Just because you're a fanboy doesn't mean we all have to be. And I don't really take idiot comments seriously when you use "ur". And I'm not excited but Im interested. Guess my interest in diverse music is idiotic too. Whatever.