Cradle Of Filth: New Album Details

artist: Cradle of Filth date: 07/23/2008 category: new releases
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Cradle Of Filth: New Album Details
Cradle Of Filth has set "Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder" as the title of its new album. The album is expected to be released in October via Roadrunner Records. The new labum is a 72-minute concept record about a legendary serial killer from the 15th Century, Gilles De Rais, a French nobleman who fought alongside Joan of Arc and accumulated great wealth before becoming a satanist, sexual deviant and a murderer. "Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder" track listing: 01. In Grandeur And Frankincense Devilment Stirs 02. Shat Out Of Hell 03. The Death Of Love 04. The 13th Caesar 05. Tiffauges 06. Tragic Kingdom 07. Sweetest Maleficia 08. Honey And Sulphur 09. Midnight Shadows Crawl To Darken Counsel With Life 10. Darkness Incarnate 11. Ten Leagues Beneath Contempt 12. Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder 13. Corpseflower Thanks for the info to Metalstorm.
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