Crazy Town Confirm Reunion and New Album

"Butterfly" rap rockers set to return with "The Brimstone Sluggers."

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Rap rockers Crazy Town, best known for their major hit "Butterfly," are officially back on track and working on new record "The Brimstone Sluggers."

The group announced their return with a "Hit That Switch" teaser, including studio footage to capture the overall vibe. The song itself features a mystique mellow groove, not too far away from their No. 1 hit, as well as each of the band's distinctive traits.

Crazy Town unveiled their latest effort "Darkhorse" back in 2002. Despite announcing comeback in 2007 with a "Crazy Town is Back" record, such plans were never taken into action.

The band also confirmed a video under way, sharing their excitement over the new record. "Wish we could release this single right now!" the official post reads. "The thing is that we have to release it with the video. Shooting in a couple weeks."

In a separate post, the group stated: "We wont be trapped in a corner or put into a box. Yeah we know where heavy is ... but we're not where heavy lives."

You can check out the teaser below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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    Their Greatest hit butterfly is not even entirely made by them Listen to pretty little ditty by red hot chili peppers
    Pikka Bird
    Not entirely? The only thing that made it a hit was that noodley guitar hook, which was the entire basis of the song, the rest was just nonsense that I would only refer to as musicality out of charity. And RHCP just used it for an short interlude, which I think puts it into perspective.
    The bass riff is what made that song, not the guitar riff.
    That was still made by the chili peppers.
    To make matters worse, that part came from them just messing around at Frusciante's audition. I'm pretty sure it was re-recorded by them later for Pretty Little Ditty, but whether it was or not, Crazy Town's whole career is based off of 10 seconds worth of the Chili Peppers ****ing around during John Frusciante's audition.
    All so true but I still think Butterfly is a better song than Pretty Little Ditty. Crazytown just put that idea to better use than Chilis. RHCP are obviously the better band by a million miles.
    I had never heard of this band until news of the reunion. So I looked up that "butterfly" song. I'm not normally one to straight up say this, but it was awful. Are there actually people who care that this band is back?
    I hear Frusciante is free at the moment, maybe he could play them a couple of notes loop over and over again, again.
    They came under metal hammers 'bands that should never reunite' section once, guess the guys at MH are gonna be pissed.
    A few strippers in the middle of nowhere Kentucky are happy. The rest of us are sad.
    come ma lady come come ma lady, rip off chili peppers, sugah baby!
    that Butterfly song is the fight song of the Ed Hardy douchebag. why does this reunion need to happen?
    Because every generation needs a new pop your collar douchebag anthem, they just want to be multi generational. Bring on the sideways visors.
    New Crazy Town AND Blink 182 albums? That's awesome! Now I can officially never listen to the radio again.
    I thought one of the vocalists was dead? Didn't he swan-dive hard enough on that rehab TV show? If he's sobered up, then this reunion is a shame, because I can't imagine this whole ordeal ending well enough to keep him clean...
    No one grave a crap the first time around... this is like being re-united with a turd!