Creed Describe New Album

Creed have five songs written for their first album since 2003, and could release it as soon as this summer So what does it sound like?

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Creed are deep into writing their first new album since 2003's "Weathered".

Five songs are almost complete, and the band will continue writing during their US tour which starts in April, potentially to release the album this summer.

"We could begin tracking as soon as March, and [if that happens] of course we'll have a record out this summer," frontman Scott Stapp told Rolling Stone. "We're gonna continue to write until we feel we have the strongest, best album we've ever done. That's our goal. If it takes all year to do that and the album doesn't come out until next year, then so be it."

Fans might get a sneak peek at the new material on the April tour, says Stapp, though the sets will already be jam-packed with full performances of their first two albums.

Guitarist Mark Tremonti described the songs so far:

"There's two that you might hear on the radio. There's one heavier, high-energy type of tune. And there's kind of a moodier, slower, longer finger-picked song, like 'Faceless Man'," he said. "It's kind of all over the place, but we're very happy with what we've got so far.

"We'll stick to making a record formed around these big melodies that I think were always kind of the essence of the band."

Stapp says the new writing sessions remind the band of the days before their staggering success.

"As we're going through this material, jamming and stuff, I think it brings back the memories of how things were before the success our relationships and how we looked at what to do, an appreciation for it all. It's definitely rubbing off on the new music."

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    It's pretty funny that Weathered even came out in 2001. So they not only missed an entire record, they got their years wrong.
    Metallichemical wrote: So I guess Full Circle was a figment of the imagination then?
    LOL THIS Shame on you, UG!
    I seriously don't care if I get negative votes, I like Creed and how Scott turned around and got his act together since they reunited. I have a feeling this is going to be a great album. Also, first album since 2003? I really didn't think even UG was capable of a stupid mistake like that.
    For a second there, I thought I not only had completely imagined a Creed album a few years ago, but I also thought I'd had my calendar two years off for the last 10+ years. Luckily, a quick 30 seconds of research straightened all of that out.
    What is even funnier is I saw this article YESTERDAY on Rolling and they made the SAME EXACT MISTAKES.
    crystalmonday80 wrote: i hate it when bands make the same exact record every time they make one and creed is one of them.
    Lol, full circle sounds nothing like their other albums, and even the other albums all had their own sound. I don't really care if people bash on bands, but at least know what you are talking about. You clearly don't.
    I can understand why people get annoyed with UG's articles lately, but seriously? Why post news when you can even get your facts straight.
    And it makes me laugh since the profile picture is from the full circle days.
    Well you would think that if you're stealing your articles from Rolling Stone that you could rely on THEIR accuracy!
    hilarious that they forgot about their actual most recent album full circle. but if theyre saying that the new album will have songs similar to faceless man then im buying it. loved the mood of human clay
    felt okay with MOP, LOVED HC, liked Weather, enjoyed FC. It is a FAIL as a journalist to omit ANY recent release -- especially an album that released (and is said to have still hit Platinum) back in 2009.
    D4CE wrote: Metallichemical wrote: So I guess Full Circle was a figment of the imagination then? LOL THIS Shame on you, UG!
    Actually, the article is referenced from the Rolling Stone link they provide. Click on it, and you'll see that Rolling Stone actually ****ed up, which is even more hilarious.
    Full Circle is a decent record. I'm not fond of old Creed material in the slightest, so overall I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was.
    Always been a fan and not ashamed to admit it...I loved their first 3 albums. Scott may not have a great or original voice, but if you ever saw them live during their first few albums the dude had some pipes before he f-ed up his vocal chords. I'll still check it out.
    and i look forward to this... immensely. Creed has been one of my top 5 favorite band since they first hit the radio ....and i love bands such as Opeth, Lamb of God, Tool, Meshuggah, and Pantera.... its called having a good taste in music, not just hating something because its not "br00tal metal" or actually on the radio... good music is good music regardless of how "popular" it is.
    Maybe whoever wrote the article was just trying to troll Creed fans? But if not, then Rolling Stone apparently has someone writing articles for them who can't even do a simple Wikipedia search to get their shit straight. Or maybe they just thought Creed wasn't worth the effort.
    Alter Bridge and Creed are two completely different bands. Granted AB is better overall, but seriously people, stop comparing them all the time. Full Circle was the best album Creed has ever released. and if that's any indication then I can't wait for the new one.
    Mayday, mayday! News article comment section reporting! Incoming shitstorm at 12 o'clock!
    Why are they still doing f***in Creed? Alter Bridge is the exact same band minus the suck. And who will be buying this? I honestly don't know anyone saying, "Gee... I can't wait for a new CREED record!"
    i hate it when bands make the same exact record every time they make one and creed is one of them.
    CREED is EPIC!!!\m/ can't wait for the new album gonna get it!
    Except that this is their first album since 2009's Full Circle, a surprisingly good, underrated, under listened to album.
    HELL YEAH!!! can't wait CREED rocks FUCK the haters u butt hurts!!!get off of UG
    Damn I thought Scott was dead long time back.. Why do they look so gay in some of their videos..i just hope their new stuff is 'decent' if not 'good'.
    I made an account here just to post this. Alter Bridge is my personal preference, but Full Circle was a pretty decent album, it had its moments. And this link provided shows my feelings of Stapp.
    CAN YOU TAKE ME HIIIIGHEAAAHR Sorry, the way Scott Stapp annunciates how he pleases is just too funny. Creed was the first band to get me into music (I know I know ), so I'm kind of obliged to listen to it. I'm not obliged to like it though. Not in the slightest
    john_kimble wrote: Can't wait to not hear it. Scott Stapp sucks as a singer.
    the body of the article should have just had 2 words. Horrible vocals.