Creed Describe New Album

artist: Creed date: 03/02/2012 category: new releases

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Creed Describe New Album
Creed are deep into writing their first new album since 2003's "Weathered". Five songs are almost complete, and the band will continue writing during their US tour which starts in April, potentially to release the album this summer. "We could begin tracking as soon as March, and [if that happens] of course we'll have a record out this summer," frontman Scott Stapp told Rolling Stone. "We're gonna continue to write until we feel we have the strongest, best album we've ever done. That's our goal. If it takes all year to do that and the album doesn't come out until next year, then so be it." Fans might get a sneak peek at the new material on the April tour, says Stapp, though the sets will already be jam-packed with full performances of their first two albums. Guitarist Mark Tremonti described the songs so far: "There's two that you might hear on the radio. There's one heavier, high-energy type of tune. And there's kind of a moodier, slower, longer finger-picked song, like 'Faceless Man'," he said. "It's kind of all over the place, but we're very happy with what we've got so far. "We'll stick to making a record formed around these big melodies that I think were always kind of the essence of the band." Stapp says the new writing sessions remind the band of the days before their staggering success. "As we're going through this material, jamming and stuff, I think it brings back the memories of how things were before the success our relationships and how we looked at what to do, an appreciation for it all. It's definitely rubbing off on the new music."
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