Daft Punk To Release New Live Album

artist: Daft Punk date: 10/03/2007 category: new releases

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French electronica band Daft Punk will be releasing a live album next month. The two man band, who recently played in Paris last summer for the first time in ten years, will be releasing their newest CD "Alive 2007" on November 19th. Live audio from the gig, including a video will be available with it. For a single, the live version of "Hard, Better, Faster, Stronger Live" will be released prior to the CD's debut. The following tracks are official: CD1: 01. Robot Rock 02. Oh Yeah 03. Touch It 04. Technologic 05. Television Rules The Nation 06. Crescendolls 07. Too Long 08. Steam Machine 09. Around The World 10. Harder Better Faster Stronger 11. Burnin 12. Too Long 13. Face To Face 14. Short Circuit 15. One More Time 16. Aerodynamic 17. Aerodynamic Beats 18. Forget About The World 19. Prime Time Of Your Life 20. Brainwasher 21. Rollin And Scratchin 22. Alive 23. Da Funk 24. Daftendirekt 25. Superheroes 26. Human After All 27. Rock 'n Roll CD2: 01. Human After All 02. Together 03. One More Time 04. Music Sounds Better With You
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